Your Soul Has Been Here Before — How Our Souls Choose Their Families And Parents

Your Soul Has Been Here Before — How Our Souls Choose Their Families And Parents

When we are thinking about our life, we are probably thinking about it from when we're born to when we will die in our own body. However, we have to expand the idea of our life and see, or think of regarding our soul. Our life is definitely not just one life; however, in some way, it is something more than life. In fact, it is the repeated journey of our soul.

Our soul was here before.

As Buddhist religion says, our souls were on the planet before. There is a possibility it was here several times, however. Our souls are coming to the world over and over again, and this allows change and growth. While we are growing older, our soul outgrows the soul contract, and it prepares for another one. When our time in our body finished, our soul also moves on.

Every soul is born into a lot of different bodies, and it goes through a lot of different lifetimes in order to grow and learn. Right now, our soul occupies this body, while it also works with the mind that we have.

In some of the lives in which our soul was present, it may have had identical parents or siblings just like it had before, or it will have in some life after. Sometimes, the soul may get an entirely different family, with that being given a chance to finally meet entirely new souls.

Our soul was the one that chose the life we live now, including our friends and family.

That chance may appear like an unexpected one, but it will not be. A lot of Buddhist people believe that the body our soul occupies, or the life it decides to take and the other souls it is going to meet depends on us. We are the ones that choose who we want to meet, as our soul connects with the source, and we do so before we return to our planet in a different form.

However, we will not remember that we made this decision. We will not remember that we chose those people.

During our lifetime, we learn lessons, and we grow. As we connect to our source, we choose to learn new lessons. We decide the type of life we would like to live. We take into consideration everything. With the lessons we have to learn, we chose our parents, partners, and siblings.

They are going to be our guides during this life in order to help us learn all the lessons we are supposed to learn. We may also choose to reverse the roles in our following lifetime in order to learn other new things. We can be the parent to our parent, while they can be our children in the following lifetime, so they could learn new lessons. The chances are limitless.

The soul contract, in fact, includes date, location, and time of our birth, and also the family we were born into. Moreover, it includes every single event in our life until we die and how those events may unfold.

As of this theory, every single would be as our soul considered it to be before we have chosen this life. We will not be able to remember the decision we made. Still, there will be a path meant for us and also new lessons we should learn and even grow from.

A path in front of us exists, we always have free will.

Although a path in front of us exists, which our soul chose before it was born in this body we always have a free will for making the changes we would like to. Although there is an outline, in fact, it does not mean it is our destiny. We are able to get off that path and make a different choice. Our soul contract is only meant to help us grow to an even higher and better state of awareness and consciousness.

This world is definitely a mysterious thing and place. We are not supposed to understand every single thing which unfolds in our Universe or our life. We just have to know that it happens for a certain reason. We should feel comfortable in what our soul wanted for us.

Our life is an exciting journey which is full of turns and twists, and there are a lot of different people coming on our way to help us. We have to remember that life is definitely about lessons and growths.

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