Buddhist Monk Explains the 3 Real Miracles In the World. It Will Change Your Life

Buddhist Monk Explains the 3 Real Miracles In the World. It Will Change Your Life

Do you believe in miracles? Are you waiting for some kind of a miracle to occur in your life? Or, do you want to perform some miracle maybe?

In a real sense, every one of us has the potential and power to create miracles every day of our lives. But first, we have to understand the profound meaning of a miracle.

A miracle is actually any surprising event which can neither be explained by natural or scientific laws. As such, it is seen as the workings of the divine intervention.

A miracle is usually believed to be a divine thing, something which proves the existence of God.

Driven by the wish to make sense of miracle stories, the famous Morgan Freeman asked a Buddhist monk if he performs miracles. The unexpected answer of the monk took Freeman by surprise as he never did perceive miracles to be that way.

The monk mentioned the following things as true miracles of the world: love, reconciliation, and healing.

The monk also explained that levitating three inches off the ground while meditating is not what the people really need.

More than anything else, love, as well as healing, and reconciliation are real miracles which transform the human mind. If we continue waiting for miracles to occur, instead of making them happen, then we are truly missing the point.

Maybe, this is the major reason why the world suffers in the first place: we are not doing what we can do, according to the capability that is given to us. No matter of our beliefs, every one of us has the power to perform miracles every day of our life if we only put our minds and efforts into it.

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As Morgan Freeman stated:

We have the capacity of doing much more than what we believe we are…Believing in miracles is to believe that there is more to life than what meets our eye. To accept that there is something which concerns us unites us.