Why Hearing Your Intuition is Way More Than Just A Feeling

Why Hearing Your Intuition is Way More Than Just A Feeling

Have you ever been in a situation where you had a feeling something wasn’t just right? Have you ever met a particular person and couldn’t figure out the weird vibe you were getting? This was probably your intuition letting you know that something just wasn’t right.

1. Listening to Our Inner Self.

Having the ability to discover our inner self is truly a skill. Although we have identities like mother, daughter, wife, father, we only have one true self. Our inner self is who we really are and what we stand for. Our inner self consists of our values, life goals, and beliefs. Understanding and listening to our inner self does take self-awareness and introspection. Discovering our true inner self can be an awesome life adventure. Your roles and identities complement our one inner self.

Knowing who we are on the inside and being intuitive and comfortable in our own skin allows us the ability to truly relate to others and ourselves. There are times when it may take a bit longer to understand just who we are and how we react to certain situations.

When we have feelings that are not quite right, it can be our intuition letting us know before we even realize something is askew.

Define intuitive. 

Intuition is defined as the knowing of something right away without having to use reason. For most of us, our intuition is miles ahead of our conscious selves.

Are we psychic?

When we have certain “hunches”, it is actually our intuition. Reasoning with our intuition often has the end results where we should have listened to our intuition right from the beginning. As life goes on, we realize that our intuition has been guiding us all along.

2. Our Inner Gut.

When people refer to listening to their inner gut they mean their intuition. Should we trust our inner gut? The answer is YES! Learning to be our true selves will allow us to flourish and grow.

Here is an excellent example of hearing our intuition. I have a friend who was attending University for architecture. Although she was really great at the skills needed she didn’t seem happy. Both her dad and brother were architects, and she was expected to join the family business.

The problem is my friend always loved working with people and helping them solve problems in life. After a few months, she came to me and said she wanted to work with people and not be an architect. Once she made up her mind, she switched her classes and went on to be a psychologist. To this day, she will tell anyone who will listen just how happy she is that she followed her intuition.

Learning to go with our gut feelings can literally save your life. After being invited to a party, Donna did not feel good about going. Donna called the friend that she was supposed to be attending the party with and told him that she just wasn’t up to going.

The next morning Donna went about her morning routine as she always did. After breakfast her phone rang and on the other end was the friend that she was supposed to go to the party with. He told her that there was a shooting at the party the night before and many people were injured. That uneasy feeling that Donna felt the night before was her intuition. In this case, listening to her intuition had probably not only saved her life but her friends too.

3. Hear Our Intuition and Pay Attention.

We need to listen to our intuition. Although we may shrug off certain feelings, we usually learn later that our feelings were right on target. We need to slow down and listen to our inner selves. We get so busy with the world and all of our identities that we can often forget to listen to one important person—ourselves!

4. Intuition—Get to Know Ourselves.

In such a fast-paced world, we can read all about getting in touch with one’s self. The thing is how many times do we slow down enough and really get in touch with our feelings. A great exercise to begin hearing your intuition is by learning to meditate.

Each day take the time to just sit somewhere quiet with no distractions. Begin by trying to quiet our minds and relax. Once we have calmed our minds, we can see what comes up again. This is such a great way to get in touch with ourselves. If you haven’t tried meditation, then we recommend you begin as soon as possible.

5. Embrace Our Inner Selves.

Learning to love and accept who we truly are is the being of life that is both happier and healthier. Knowing who we are and what we stand for allows us to trust our intuition and be more relaxed in situations that would have previously made us nervous. By learning the most we can about ourselves, we are able to accomplish tasks that we never thought possible before.

One of the major life lessons is that our intuition is there to help protect us. The sooner we learn to listen to ourselves the better off we will be. Many older people state that they wish they had learned how to hear their inner voices earlier in life. Learning to be in touch with their intuition would have saved them from having to learn some of the life’s tougher lessons.

As we get older and smarter, we tend to slow down a bit and begin listening to our inner selves. Each and every time we have that “gut feeling” we now know that we have to pay attention. If we begin second-guessing ourselves, then it is time to step back and get in touch with our inner selves again. It is not a bad thing to wonder and second guess because it is all a learning experience. The more we wonder and get in touch again the more we are learning about ourselves.

When is the last time you had that “gut feeling”? Did you listen to it?

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