Eliminate Problems From Within: Purifying, Clearing and Cleansing — and We Give You The Tools!

Eliminate Problems From Within: Purifying, Clearing and Cleansing — and We Give You The Tools!

Healing this world can be from the perspective of spirit or matter. Both the spiritual healing and energy work can significantly alter our experience of the health of the world. 

As the spiritual healing work involves human bodies, prayer can actually evoke miraculous healings upon the body of the earth. Such spiritual healing involves releasing non-forgiveness, as it is the mass race consciousness which fuels social, as well as environmental issues.

When we are working on the premise that we focus expands, as well as grows, it is recommended not to focus on some negative occurrences, like criminal activity, news of certain disasters, attacks or some other related situations and problems.

Sometimes, this is unavoidable.

When we come across with some negativity like the news broadcast at night, we should use it as a chance to focus, as well as send healing to situations or circumstances or people involved in it. We should ask our angels to focus their healing energies on a specific problem or situation.

We can also ask them to help us release our fears, as well as anger about some wordy circumstances. Then, our angels will gladly respond to our calls for help. They know that they at the same time heal the world just like they heal our minds and hearts.

Involving ourselves in some arguments, discussions, as well as debates about world issues will defeat the aim of healing. Such time and effort will be better spent doing energy work or some spiritual healing on behalf of the planet. With this, we have to avoid holding any fearful or angry thoughts about the world and those living in it.

Also, we may need to remind ourselves of the healing benefits of practicing non-attachment to matter.

The healing powers of group prayers.

The powers of prayers to heal were widely documented, and there is also a great deal of scientific evidence, as well as medical research about their remarkable healing abilities. While the prayer of a person can heal any condition, there is a lot of evidence which shows that group prayers will effect remarkable healing.

One prayer is like one light beam, while a group of prayers, which means joining our prayer with that of others having the same intention, the prayers will contribute to shine a much brighter light.

How to purify, cleanse and clear ourselves and our environment?

Our aura surrounds our physical and etheric body. Having our essence pure, our aura will be a large light surrounding us and protecting us. Having unresolved problems will show themselves as shadows or dirty marks.

When we have our aura entirely pure and clear, there is no harm which can befall us. There is no negative situation or person that can penetrate our aura. Fear hurts, as well as damages us and puts us in danger, which purity confers securely.

Some old resentment, waves of anger or hurts can instantly form some dark patches in our aura, as some avarice, jealousy, envy and greed feelings can. Such dark spots are going to magnetize challenges into our lives in order to draw attention to what we have to tend to.

Air, water, fire, and earth are the four excellent purifiers. When we walk barefoot on green grass, the negative energies are going to go down through our feet into the earth, and Mother Nature will then purify them. The wind will clear your head, as well as bring some clarity, while swimming, especially in salt (sea) water will wash your aura clean. Putting some sea salt in your bath is going to have the same impact.

The most powerful purification of all is the fire. Burning some old letters, photographs, and objects will transmute the negativity which is held in the memories and changes the psychic energy around us. These old items can also be buried in the earth as a form of purification.

Every addiction is behavior that we repeat to suppress some natural feelings. These may include over-eating, drinking too much alcohol, compulsive spending, drug taking, and others. Such feelings have to be released from our aura in order to be purified. In order to do this, we use light.

For example, when we are about to smoke a cigarette or drink alcohol, we should pause for a second and ask the light to support us in feeling the emotion which we want to suppress. We should ask the light to reveal to us the denied feeling and help us in releasing it. After that, we should ask the light to cure that emotion.

Excess alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes can pollute our aura. Swearing, or saying some unpleasant things to other people, holding onto some anger, hurting, feeling guilty or resentment, being anxious or worried, living in physical mass and overwork — our aura is undoubtedly going to need to be purified.

When we have our aura pure and bright, our angels and other evolved spiritual guides will be attracted to us. This is the time for our planet to be purified so it can ascend.

The lay lines that were set around our planet in the Atlantean times as an energy communication system actually carry a third-dimensional vibration. They are just like an electricity grid that was laid underneath the surface of the earth.

Some of them were broken and others were taken over by dark energies, and several are still intact and pure. The old ley lines have to be repaired and purified. This can be done at a time of meditation. It is a former energy system which now becomes obsolete, but it remains important for people that are not tuned into the higher frequency yet.

The new network that carries fifth-dimensional frequency is actually laid above the earth right now. As such new lines carry high-vibrational current, it needs some people with some high spiritual aspirations, as well as intentions to focus on them to send the energy of peace, light, as well as inspiration with them.

The color of the fifth-dimension heart chakra, which is actually the spiritual energy center at heart, is pure white.

  • Purifying our planet.
  • Visualizing light and love flowing along the network of the ley lines below the surface of the planet Earth;
  • Imagining some high-frequency lights and love floating along the new system of lines above the surface of the planet Earth;
  • Visualizing the column which expands and asking that everything it touches is going to be filled, and even protected by the Holy Spirit.

While we work on making ourselves healthy, positive, and uplifted, so the effects of this personal healing are going to have a far-reaching, as well as broader effect. Influencing our environment by the way in which we behave, what we believe or think, and by our general attitude.

We have the ability to make some differences by having a positive attitude to our lives and keeping our environment clean, as well as healing it with some positive light.

When every one of us is going to play its part in healing negative energies, the world is going to be a lighter, as well as brighter place, and love and peace are going to have the ability to prevail.

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