10 Ways to Cleanse Your Mind-Body-Spirit

10 Ways to Cleanse Your Mind-Body-Spirit

Ready for a mind-body-spirit-cleanse?

In the wake of disheartening and disturbing national political outcomes, worldwide natural disasters, horrific conflicts abroad . . . or heartache at home, it’s important to take time out of your day and check-in with your mind-body-spirit.

Whenever you feel consumed with fear and grief, take time to process, clear away negative energy, and help restore the individual and collective consciousness . . .

During times of suffering, we must focus our gifts and the skills we’ve been cultivating to heal ourselves and help others heal themselves. 

(Remember Buddha’s 1st Noble Truth? . . . Life is suffering. And as human beings, we all share a common bond: suffering or dukkha.)

In the space of divided light and darkness, a mind-body-spirit cleanse should be a regular practice for all of us on the path to liberation. And due to all the toxic, external stuff that gets stuck within the mind, body, and spirit . . . it is important to cleanse often, so you can then illuminate the world with your inner, healing light.

Here are some ways we’ve found to be beneficial for a full mind-body-spirit cleanse..

1. Drink warm lemon water.

Do this first thing in the morning. Add ginger to your warm lemon water for variety. This will stoke your digestive fire and keep your entire GI tract with healthy digestion, assimilation, and elimination.

2. Meditate for at least 10 minutes in the morning followed by 10 sun salutes.

Follow your morning meditation with the surya namaskara asana series before you start the rest of your daily routine. And of course incorporate other asanas into your morning ritual as well, if you’d like . . . just so you take some time to get the prana flowing each day.

3. Go for a walk in nature.

Try earthing  like the ancients / going barefoot. This is a great way to connect with the earth and remember what’s important and real. And if you live near the ocean or a flowing body of water . . . breathe in the healing negative ions!

4. Practice mindfulness.

Be aware of your breath and pay attention to what you’re doing while working, playing, and eating. A mindfulness practice helps reduce stress and depression in our lives.

5. Approach all situations and encounters from a place of compassion.

This is not always easy . . . but do your best and you’ll discover the healing power of compassion.

6. Have a good, long cry. . . it’s a great way to release emotions and toxins.

And once you’ve let go of what you need to let go of . . . spend time with loved ones and have a good, long laugh together. Laughter is super healing, too!

7. Practice pranayama.

Try alternate nostril breathing - Nadi Shodana. This breathing exercise is designed to bring balance by clearing any blockages. It’s a pranayama technique that systematically equalizes the breath through both nostrils . . . therefore, balancing your breathing. Because the way you breathe can significantly affect your mood, alternate nostril breathing can help you find peace, focus, and balance between the left brain/right brain.

8. Self-massage with your favorite oil . . . followed by a warm, salty bath.

Use ¼ cup oil, massage the body with warm oil (sesame, coconut, or almond oil is best) using slow, calming strokes. Do this before taking a shower or bath (with epsom salts) . . . the steam and hot water will open the pores driving the oil deeper into the skin.

If you’re new to applying oil to the skin, ease into the practice. Start by massaging your feet with warm sesame oil.

9. Express gratitude and loving-kindness toward yourself and others.

Write in a gratitude journal, review everyone and everything you are thankful for each night as you close your eyes to sleep, and express your grateful heart to those you love and those who help you . . .  with small gestures of appreciation throughout the day.

10. Practice yogic sleep.

Utilize techniques such as guided imagery, breath awareness, and body scanning to quiet an overactive mind and cultivate a deep, meditative state of consciousness.

And anything else that cleanses and nourishes your mind-body-spirit. In conclusion . . . become aware of your emotions, spend time in self-care, and give yourself permission to heal!