How to Know if You are Destined to be a Healer, a Mystic or a Shaman

How to Know if You are Destined to be a Healer, a Mystic or a Shaman

When our calling is on the same line with a healer, a shaman or a mystic, we should expect that our life is filled with struggles and darkness.

Such things are not given to us to pin us down or paralyze us. They are, in fact, the essentials in awakening our light and letting us know that we have to move through dark times and breathe out our light.

When we are surrounded by light, we will never know that we are a light unto ourselves as it will not be recognized. However, when we are surrounded by darkness, it will be easier for our light to shine.

So, when we cannot understand what is wrong with us, why we feel dark inside us, we should take in consideration the idea that we may be one of those several chosen individuals in the world who is supposed to do the work of mystic, healer, or shaman.

How to know whether we are mystics, shamans or healers?

The journey of the healer.

Here are the three signs of being a healer:

1. Experiencing an inner woundedness.

Often, healers will encounter traumas in their lives which will leave them with profound wounds.

Every one of us can be wounded in some way, but in the case of being a healer, the trauma is so intense that it shakes us to our core. The pain which is caused will greatly affect our decisions and choices.

2. Stuck in a victim mentality.

As we are still clueless about what happens in our life, we tend to repeat experiences, which then become a pattern in our life.

With the accumulation of more traumas and pains, we will come to the point of feeling a victim of fate. We will see the world as a cruel place, with all those people in it.

However, our life would be much easier when people start changing and treating us kindly. While this keeps occurring, we are giving our powers away.

3. Realize that the inner pain was never the issue.

As we are called for an authentic purpose, we will come to the point when we will decide that enough is simply enough. We cannot carry the weight anymore, so we decide to heal ourselves as we realize no one else will do that for us.

The experience can also result in physical illness in which we will not have any other choice but heal ourselves. At the time of the process of healing, we will feel that all those things which happen in our life are for our good.

Everything is designed to awaken our soul and be the healer which the world wants to see.

The journey of the mystic:

Here are the two signs of being a mystic:

1. Feeling like darkness surrounds our soul.

Our life seems like it is surrounded by utter darkness. We also feel like we are falling in the most profound pit which is full of gloom and darkness. This is something which is often termed as the night of the soul.

Our hopes, dreams, and expectations are shattered into pieces, and we don’t even know how we can put them back. We feel entirely lost and broken too.

2. We surrender to life.

With the escalating of the crisis, we will feel helpless, and we will start surrendering to life. Our liberation lies in such moments of surrendering.

The divine source simply waits for us to fall on our knees, pray and even ask for help. When we feel that our soul was redeemed, we rise with a new breath, or even new purpose – to realize ourselves and our lives entirely in every single thing.

The journey of a shaman:

Here are the two signs of being a shaman:

1. Exploring the depth of darkness and the illumination of light.

Those that are shamans experience the darkest periods of their lives, and also the brightest aspects of it. So, we, who are shamans, come and go between these two different worlds.

However, it is through the darkest regions of our psyche which help us transform into the light and create a connection with our soul and the divine source too.

2. Feel the inner turmoil urging us to surrender.

What can eat up the energy of shamans are periods of intense darkness, inner turmoil and psychic pain. When we feel helpless and weak, we surrender to the divine. Immediately after that, the light will start shining through.

In fact, our act of surrendering will be our sweetest moment where we are going to receive further guidance in order to help us connect more to our soul.

Until we surrender, we will not receive this divine inspiration.

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