Achieve Manifestation Using the Following Six Steps — and Do That Successfully

Achieve Manifestation Using the Following Six Steps — and Do That Successfully

The steps towards manifestation may be quite simple, but still complex undertaking. A lot of variations to the process of manifesting, as well as manifestation, exist, but just six principles can actually be universally applied.

With the help of the divine creatures, the angels, we are going to have the ability to amplify the powers of the intuitions excellently. One fundamental part of the angelic energies is loving acceptance. 

As angels exist on some higher levels of energy, as well as thought, they have the ability to send our requests, desires, and aims in the dimension where thought is creation.

Here are the six steps to successful manifestation:

1. First step: Intention.

Every one of us makes some conscious choices in order to have what we really want. When you are not quite sure about what you really want, you should stop for a moment and imagine that you are achieving it already. What feelings does it evoke?

If you cannot imagine, feel or picture what it is like, it means that you are probably not prepared for that, or you don’t want it that much. For a specific reason, you can also think that you cannot have or you don’t deserve it.

Sometimes, when we think that we do not deserve something or we cannot have it, we simply give up wanting it. Even though we don’t stop wanting it, we just deny ourselves that desire. Usually, this is based on our fear of disappointment, and that fear undermines our intentions.

We are often afraid of not achieving or getting something we really want, so we give up wishing, and deny even to try to achieve it. What can create this fear is feeling unworthy.

We should genuinely and really desire what we are asserting with our whole body, mind, soul, as well as spirit. The intention is the primary step to successful manifestation.

2. Second step: Achievement.

The second step to successful manifestation is achieving your purposes or achievement is the commitment to having it. This also implies being willing to have it, and everything that it entails, without any ifs, buts, or maybes. You should not be half-hearted or ambivalent about it. Be precise.

The second step also requires you to focus upon your true intentions, as well as experience the commitment and conviction which you have in it. Be truly committed to your desires so you can attain them.

3. Third step: Affirmations.

This is the step of affirmations and affirming what you truly desire. Stating that out loud or writing down the affirmations is claiming what you really want and confirming your desire. The more you do it, the better it will be for you, because each of those affirmations is going to activate your intention, and in that way establish it in the physical realm.

The sound of your voice creates a waveform of energy and the power of the intention, as well as the clarity of your visualization, will give you that affirmation some extra strength and endurance too.

To visualize the attainment of your aim, you will have to experience it as thoroughly as you can here and now. Another positive way which will help you affirm and manifest your needs and wants is ‘vision board.’

Each action is going to reinforce your inner conviction, as well as affirm your purpose to the Universe.

4. Fourth step: Appreciation and gratitude.

This step to successful manifestation is by being grateful and appreciative for what you already have in your life, and for what is about to come. You should be thankful for the manifestation as it already occurred. Also, be generous in your thanks and even act as though it is already forming part of your life, and be grateful for that.

5. Fifth step: Letting go.

Usually, this step is the hardest one as it implies that you release your aim to the Universe so it can take your order, prepare it, as well as deliver it too. You have to let go, so your aims and desires will come to fruition for you.

Make sure that you are thankful, as well as positive for everything in your life, and for all that is about to enter in your life. Trust and have faith that your aim or want is on its way to you at the moment.

6. Sixth step: Relax.

You should relax and enjoy your life, knowing that you took all the steps to a successful manifestation of the aims and desires you have. Also, know that your prayers were heard, and wait for some miracles to occur in divine right time.

You can achieve the steps to successful manifestation, but remember to work, be patient, faithful and trust that you can achieve them.

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