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Serendipity Bundle

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Is it possible to Fall in love with someone you never expected to fall in love with?

Or how about get your dream job right after losing your job?

To the untrained eye, these may seem like "accidents" — but those are real life examples of anonymous gifts bestowed to you by the universe.

Synchronicity is the result of your "intentions" and how "in touch" you are with your soul guided purpose.

If Good luck is nothing but opportunity meeting preparation — synchronicity is its manifestation in tangible form.

With the help of mantra-infused bracelets from Tibet — prepare your subconscious mind to become a LITERAL MAGNET for pleasant, unexpected coincidences in your life.

May you become even luckier than you already are.

What's included:

  • Your bundle will be imbued with ancient mantras (by monks) to supercharge the bundle's effects ✔
  • A personally curated blend of handmade artifacts designed to heal your wounds ✔
  • A unique, specially recorded (digital) guided meditation (*ONLY TODAY) ✔
  • 15% of the proceeds from your order will be used to build and promote
  • educated, economically independent communities around the world to benefit planet earth ✔

*VALID ONLY TODAY: If you order right now, your order will also include a free (BONUS) guided meditation ($11.97 value) designed to supercharge the effects of this bundle.

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