Vibrate Higher on a Daily Basis — a Spiritual Toolkit You Already Own

Vibrate Higher on a Daily Basis — a Spiritual Toolkit You Already Own

A lot of people say that life is something excellent and beautiful. But, there are others who say that life is also unfair. And, there are also the ones who say that life is how we make it be. So, the reality is that life just is. 

It will be colorful or also bland, and that depends on our way of seeing it. The way we see our life depends on the emotions which often affect our perceptions or the way it shakes our souls.

The flow of emotions can be overwhelming, and sometimes unbearable. But, there is a spiritual toolkit which contains all the needed tools for navigating our existence day by day.

The tools were with us since the start of our life. So, when you notice that you are in an overwhelming or confusing situation that will be the best time to open that spiritual toolkit and begin using the dormant powers within you.

These are the four essential immaterial tools which you already have in order to vibrate higher:

1. Surrender

In military terms, the word surrender means relinquishment of control over combatants, territory, fortifications or also armament to another power. Surrender can also happen as a result of defeat in a battle.

However, in spiritual life surrender means letting go of what does not serve you anymore. When you feel too overwhelmed by anxiety, fear, loneliness or any other destructive emotions, you should start surrendering them. Instead of resisting them, you should embrace them and get rid of them.

However, these emotions should not be shut down, but simply accept their presence, acknowledge them and feel them, without any attachment. Surrendering means becoming a witness or an observer, and the key to surrendering is detachment when it comes to surrendering the undesired emotions which come up from time to time.

2. Ask

As we come to the world bringing nothing with us, we have to ask for help in order to survive.

When you feel that you are at the edge or you lack sources, you should ask the Universe or your higher self for help. If don’t ask you will never receive. This is the way in which free will works.

Usually, when we don’t get what we ask for, it does not mean that the Universe is not willing to help us, but it is just there are unconscious blocks which prevent us from asking in the proper way.

It can also be our conditioning, feelings of unworthiness, pride, or everything else which will make us say “okay” even when we are not. Asking for help is what prompts our Universe to take some actions. You should ask in an affirmative way and with the appropriate intention.

3. Trust

When you already placed your order in the Universe’s hands, you should start trusting. Give your full trust which says that you are going to receive what you asked for.

Don’t worry about receiving it or not, or when it is going to be given to you. Such questions may allow lower vibrational emotions such as doubts and even fears to create some blocks to receiving your request.

The best thing you may do is sit back and breathe. Believe that you asked for the appropriate thing and also believe that the right thing is going to be given to you.

With the time, your anxiety or fears are going to turn into peaceful surrender and an even more profound connection with who you are.

4. Love

When you finally surrendered, asked for the needed help, and trusted, you can now choose to love.

Expressing gratitude and choosing to do some love acts are two ways of increasing vibrations. The more you vibrate higher, the higher the chances are that your request is going to be heard.

Sometimes, when you are still in pain or afraid of love, or even anxious, it can be hard to choose it, but remember that you have to keep going as doing nothing is going to keep you stuck in your life.

Now, it will be the time to help yourself out and choosing to love is going to return to your true and eternal nature. This is another conscious way of realigning yourself with your higher frequencies where the flow of harmony, joy, love, bliss, happiness, prosperity and abundance are readily available.

Choosing love is not something complicated. You can do the work of love if you connect with nature, focus on your breathing, follow your passion or do something that you love. Another great thing would be to spend some time with friends or with your pet.

There are a lot of different ways of expressing love. As long as you give your best in order to do them, amazing things are probably going to follow.

So, always keep in your mind to surrender, ask, trust and love. Practicing these four things on a daily basis is going to give you the ability to see yourself in perfect alignment with who you are, despite all the stress during the day or other hustles and bustles in life.

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