Beyond Thankful: 4 Important Benefits To Being Grateful Year-Round

Beyond Thankful: 4 Important Benefits To Being Grateful Year-Round

By expressing gratitude beyond the New Year and in your everyday life, you are going to benefit your overall happiness.

There are four main benefits from being grateful. They all promote optimism and strengthen relationships.

1. Increased positive emotions.

Gratitude will increase dopamine and serotonin levels in people’s brain, and they are the key neurotransmitters which will give them feelings of happiness and contentment.

Practicing gratitude regularly will strengthen the happiness-producing neural pathways, just like an exercise strengthens your body. In that way, you will also experience increased positive emotions, which include interest, joy, excitement, as well as pride.

Focusing on some positive aspects of your life, and being a grateful person, will increase serotonin production in the anterior cingulate cortex. Expressing gratitude may also help that cortex to regulate your emotions, which is one of its main functions.

2. Greater well-being.

Some researchers from the University of California and the University of Miami discovered that after being grateful on a regular basis for ten weeks, the participants of their study reported feeling more positive about their lives. Because of that, those participants exercised more, and also visited the doctor less often.

Optimism was proved to be a life-lightening trait, and it may importantly influence mental, as well as physical well-being by the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and by adaptive behaviors and cognitive responses, connected with greater flexibility and problem-solving capacity.

Overall, the well-being appears to be influenced by optimism, and that gives you another reason to practice gratitude frequently.

3. Strengthen your relationships.

Ph.D. Robert Emmons, who is a gratitude researcher, wrote that when a person becomes truly aware of the value of his or her friends, or members of the family, they are likely to treat them much better.

Healthy relationships make people happier. According to a study on human development by the University of Harvard, the leading predictor of health, as well as happiness in the life of a person is the quality of their relationships. 

4. What you give, is what you get.

If gratefulness promotes benevolence, wouldn’t that make this world a better place? Take this into consideration: Expressing gratitude to a person you love, or a friend may lead that person to pay it forward.

When you receive appreciation, it makes you feel loved – feelings which may inspire you to initiate more positive, as well as helpful action toward other people.

Grateful people are more probable to help others as they become aware of the kind and caring acts, and also feel compelled to reciprocate.

Expressing gratefulness will also promote your happiness and pave the way for good actions.

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