6 Different Forms of Spiritual Awakening — and How does it Feel Like

6 Different Forms of Spiritual Awakening — and How does it Feel Like

Spiritual awakening often feels like you wake up every morning and remember that you are alive – except you realize that you slept your entire life. There are people who use the analogy of the Matrix. Some of them realize that this world is not what they always thought it to be, or what others told them it was and is something entirely different. 

After the first spiritual awakening, you can also find out that it is not the last one, and each of the awakenings may be entirely different.

We present you the list of six spiritual awakenings which come from the mind, and the heart that you may experience:

1. Spiritual awakening triggered by suffering.

A sudden spiritual awakening is usually brought on by some traumatic experience which leads to intense suffering. For example, that can be a car accident, passing of a loved person, or an illness. Illness is very probable to trigger an awakening. It is not occurring often, but when it does, the person will change his or her entire life as their perception has also changed forever.

This is the reason why those people who are suffering from cancer or some other life-threatening illness either let it drag them down or entirely evolve in a new, as well as happier person from that experience. Their perception of the world will also change instantly, so they will also change. This is a spiritual awakening type which comes from the mind.

2. Your thoughts are not who you really are.

This type of awakening also stems from the mind, and it may onset all of a sudden when you realize that your thoughts are not who you are. This may occur in psychological work or meditation. Hearing your thoughts, there will be a second voice in your head which analyzes your thoughts.

When you notice this voice, you will quickly realize that you are not your thoughts. Also, you are not your memories, experiences, or emotions. This understanding, as well as questioning, trigger a major awakening which starts with one simple question, and that is if you are not these things, then who are you?

3. Time is said to be an illusion.

Every one of us has heard that time is an illusion, but this concept brings an actual awakening when it is felt. A lot of people state that time feels like it is speeding up the older you get.

At the same time, spiritual people also have reported feeling like time was slowing down. 

4. Using daily spiritual practices to awake.

There is another way to awaken, and it is through using daily spiritual practice. For instance, if you meditate every day for one hour for one year, your mind is going to come to a state in which you are going to start realizing the truths about life without any other research, and that is going to lead to an awakening.

This same thing is also true for practicing yoga every day. The main reason why these practices are effective is that they bring you to become conscious of yourself, as well as your surroundings, while most other people are merely sleepwalking throughout their life.

An exact timeline for an awakening does not exist, when it comes to yoga or meditation. It can take longer or shorter, and that depends on the person.

5. Understanding nothingness.

To a person that is not awakened, the phrase ‘you are nothing’ can seem really bad; however, to an awakened person, this phrase is freeing and beautiful.

People often get attached to labels particularly descriptive phrases saying they are strong or weak, stubborn or easy, quiet or social. However, all these are not you, but they are characteristics which you have acquired in life, mostly during childhood.

You are not a memory, thought or emotion, or also a feeling and you are not the mind that analyzes all that. You are none of all those things, so in the bigger picture, it means that you are nothing.

Nothingness is, in fact, the space for a potential for any kind of creation. Being creators of everything, at its core you are nothing specific, you simply are.

6. Feeling the connection to everything alive.

It happens when you come to a full understanding that you have a connection to every single alive thing.

When this happens, you are going to feel like hugging trees, saving flies and observing ants instead of killing them. You are also going to have a love for every human being, and you will see yourself in every living creature around you.

There is no particular order to the spiritual awakenings, and there is also no limit to how many of them you may have. Each of them is like an upgrade to your being or your human experience.

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