Shift Your Reality: How To Effortlessly Remove Emotional Blockages and Sufferings

Shift Your Reality: How To Effortlessly Remove Emotional Blockages and Sufferings

Some events or situation in our lives outward the projection of what lurks in the subconscious mind, including our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, as well as perceptions. We can intentionally put these four things in our subconscious mind and create or design our future. Yes, that is possible, and it is called manifesting.

Manifesting means using the creative forces of our subconscious mind and directing them to the future. Every single thing is possible, and the only limit is the one which we can visualize.

What does the conscious mind represent?

Every person on this planet is walking around in the small bubble which is called human mind. The conscious mind is situated on the outside layer of this bubble, and it is one very influential and important part of the existence of people which makes them different from animal species. Most of the society is actually steeped in that conscious mind, which include modern medicine and science too.

Our conscious mind is actually aware of everything that it perceives, it contacts our reality with the use of our five senses, sorts, as well as gathers information, makes judgments and choices, likes to categorize and analyze, and also requests some information and details from the subconscious. Also, it is one incredible and unbelievable machine for thinking.

What does the subconscious mind represent?

And what about the subconscious mind? It is actually the one that underlines our conscious mind in that small bubble. Normally, people are not aware of the aspect of the subconscious mind of their being. As we are quite busy during the whole day profoundly engrossed in our conscious mind, our subconscious one is lying quietly somewhere underneath the surface.

So, it is the one that is operating with our physical body and stores some emotions in it, remembers every single thing, takes all the directions given by our conscious mind, is not processing some negative commands and so on. Additionally, to this, it also holds the perceptions and beliefs of our opinion about our own self.

As our subconscious mind is a constantly creative and original machine, and the conscious one is also limited in the scope, it will put us in quite a vulnerable condition. If every single perception that we experienced in our subconscious is to be performed in the real and everyday life, we will live nothing more but a Chaos Theory in motion.

Critical faculty and emotional charges.

Critical faculty of our mind is the invisible, as well as a protective barrier that lives between the subconscious and the conscious minds. The function it has is evaluating perceptions constantly, the ones which are presented in the direction of thought, the word, and action.

Yes will mean that the projection is actually in harmony with everything that is living inside of the subconscious mind, and no will mean that the projection is, in fact, not in harmony with the things in the subconscious mind.

You are probably asking yourself what an emotional charge is. Well, the subconscious emotional charges are the inexperienced, as well as subconsciously repressed emotions and feelings which produce us some pain.

Some of the examples of emotional charge include anxiety, hurt, rejection, rage, shame, fear, abandonment, unworthiness, depression and a lot more. All these are just like some living entities in the body, and they are not going to go away until the person experiences them fully.

Human suffering and the power of the brain.

In fact, suffering is not a type of pain, but it is the avoidance of that pain. Pain often demands some attention, but when it gets avoided, it will repeat itself constantly, so we can say that suffering is actually the experience of the same pattern which repeats constantly.

Humans are created to grow and experience their life as best as they can. In this, every single emotion is included, such as anger, joy, pain, contentment, jealousy, and a lot more. The problem with suffering will come when we are going to avoid experiencing these emotions.

However, in some way, the suffering is not real. Our past does not exist too. Suffering comes from our past, so whenever a person reacts to some situation which occurs all the time and is difficult, it is simply a response to his or her past.

The real problem here is that such images, as well as feelings, can be quite strong. It is the case of repeating patterns which are caused by some strong subconscious emotional charge which was created in the past.

In order to improve these conditions, you can perform some exercises for healing such emotional blockages and use the power that your subconscious mind has.

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