3 Simple Ways To Clear One Of The Most Powerful Energy Centers Of The Body — Your Crown Chakra

3 Simple Ways To Clear One Of The Most Powerful Energy Centers Of The Body — Your Crown Chakra

The ‘Thousand Petal Lotus’ or Sahasrara, which is the Crown Chakra, is actually one of the most powerful energy centers in our body. 

Placed at the top of our head, this chakra is our personal connection or lifeline to source energy.

When our Crown Chakra is open and healthy, it is going to help us in feeling connected to something which is greater than ourselves, and it permits us to feel guided by divine realms.

In order, this chakra to be in alignment, all the other chakras in the body have to be healthy. It is just like all the other chakras fuel the energy, as well as the potential of our Crown Chakra.

However, sometimes the energy of the Crown Chakra needs to be cleared. This is particularly true when we feel:

  • Disconnected from the source of the Universe;
  • Not loved or supported by our life;
  • Closed off from the angels and spirit guides;
  • Depressed or upset about some situation which life brought;
  • Out of alignment with our higher destiny or path;
  • Mentally foggy, prone to headaches, as well as confused.

If any from the above state resonates with you, you will definitely need a Crown Chakra clearing, which will harmonize the energy and bring you back in balance.

Here, we will show you three ways in which you can clear your Crown Chakra:

1. First of all, work on your lower chakras.

There are actually 7 main chakras in our body which include the Crown Chakra too. For this chakra to be healthy, all the other six chakras also have to be healthy. In order to support the seven chakras, here is one exercise to do:

You should move your hand gently in a counter-clockwise direction and then a clockwise direction over each of the chakras, starting from the Root Chakra and working the way to the Crown Chakra.

Imagine that you are cleansing away anything which blocks the chakra with the use of this motion. At the time when you are going to feel that the energy was cleansed, you should shake off your hand and follow with several clockwise circles over the chakra. This motion is going to help you in sealing, as well as protecting the chakra.

You should also use intuition in order to guide you to the duration spent on this chakra. A lot of people will discover that they need almost 20 to 30 minutes counter-clockwise circles and 3 to 10 clockwise circles, but you should do what you think is best.

2. You can create a quartz grid.

For this purpose, you will actually need four pieces of clear quartz. Also, you can use selenite or some other type of white/clear crystal which you have on hand.

For additional benefits, you should keep the crystals out in full sunlight for almost 10 minutes before you perform this.

First, lay down and place one of the crystals at the top of your hand on the floor. Then, place the other crystals on either side of the ears on the floor too. In the end, place the final crystal directly in the middle at the bottom of the feet on the floor.

After that, close your eyes and take about ten deep breaths – imagine that the crystals are forming an energy grid which is around you. The grid is going to help you in charging the energy and cleaning away all the things which no longer serve you.

On the following inhale, you should visualize energy pouring in from the crystal at the top of the head all the way to the bottom of the feet. Just like the one above your head which is sweeping energy throughout your body.

On the following exhale, you should imagine the crystal at the bottom of the feet collecting all of the muck, as well as negative energy.

You should repeat this sweeping for another ten breaths or longer if you need to.

3. Use the energy of the Sun.

You can awake and invigorate the Crown Chakra through the energy of the Sun. Spending some time outside in the sunshine is going to be a quick and easy way to help your Crown Chakra to open.

Another way in which you can use the energy of the Sun for this purpose is to eat foods which were placed in the sunlight, and working with or wearing some crystals which were left out in the sunlight too.

When you balance your Crown Chakra, you are going to feel at one with life, on track with the higher calling, as well as connected to the entire Universe around you.

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Image Credit: Jan Betts