Powerful Ritual for the Period of the Gemini's Full Moon: Discover Your Truth and Overcome any Obstacles

Powerful Ritual for the Period of the Gemini's Full Moon: Discover Your Truth and Overcome any Obstacles

The Full Moon last week, occurring in the sign of Gemini, is going to help us in shading light and clarifying certain situations which were forgotten in the dark for some time.

Clarifying things is going to bring us a lot of possibilities on our way, and open our mind too. 

We will present you the ritual for this period, which will help us to open up to all those energies, discover our truths, and pass all the obstacles that stop us from that.

How can we actually find our truth with this ritual?

The best time to do the ritual will be between the 22nd of November and the 5th of December; however, you can do it anytime you would feel prepared to.

What will you need for this ritual?

First of all, you will need herbal tea, and licorice or sage are the ones which are traditionally connected with the discovering of the truth, but you also have the possibility to choose your type of tea. Then, you will need hot water, a spoon, and a cup. Take a pen and a paper with you too, together with a timer.

How should you perform this ritual?

First of all, start with smudging your aura and your surroundings too. While you smudge it, recite the following:

I cleanse my light body so that it will be young and free. I also cleanse my emotional body, so it will be clear, as well as free of any densities which are not mine anymore. I cleanse my physical body so that it will be healthy and vibrant. I cleanse my whole being. I’m cleansed through and through. I’m a light now. I’m aligned now. I’m prepared now to see the truth.

While smudging the surroundings, and the spiritual spaces everywhere around you, also recite the following:

I’m purifying my home from all those heavy energies. I remove any energy which is damaging or heavy, and I permit just the energy which is light and loving to enter. I clear this space for the new energy to enter. I clear it in order to see the truth. I cleanse away my past and welcome my future. My home is now infused with light and loving energies.

You should choose a quiet place for this ritual, and do not let anyone disturb you while you perform it. Prepare the tea according to the directions, bring in with you. Take your pen, paper, spoon, and time with you too.

You should sit comfortably, and hold the teacup in your hands. After that, you should close your eyes and feel the warmth from the teacup traveling through your arms and body. Take just seven deep breaths so you could be more relaxed.

Then, take the spoon and stir the tea gently. While you stir it, you should watch the whirlpool that it is going to create. While watching it, recite the following:

It will be secure for me to see my truth, or break down the walls and see it. I am a strong and protected person. I am prepared to see the truth and be shown the path.

During that time, you can also recite something else if it comes on your mind.

After that, stop with the stirring and take a look in the teacup. See if there are certain images, thoughts or feelings which it shows you.

Then, repeat these affirmations – after each of the affirmations, take a sip:

I am opening myself to the truth.

I know that the truth is going to set me free.

I trust in the Universe and what it has in store for me.

I am opening my heart to the powers within.

I release my past.

At the moment, all that is before me are some new possibilities.

Then, you should place one hand over your heart and keep the eyes closed, welcoming the power and light that resides inside of you. Also, you should feel the warmth of the tea, as well as its power as it is moving in your body. Also, remember the words that you said and feel their power too.

After that, put the tea away from you, take the pen and paper, as well as the time, and at the beginning of the page write the following:

These are all the blocks in my life which stop me and keep me playing small…

Set your timer for about 15 or 30 minutes and start writing all the things which will come on your mind.

You can also write this at the beginning of your page:

These are the best and most loving things that I can do for myself at the moment, which will help me make some positive changes.

Then, you should again set the time for 15 or 30 minutes and start writing all the things that come on your mind.

Get back on your writing and see what your thoughts were about, or what you feel at the moment. Regardless of what it is, you should feel comfortable with it. Put your hand on your heart and additionally take 11 breaths, repeating the following mantra:

I am safe, I am protected, and I am loved.

Also, take a look at those interesting and loving changes which came to you at the time you were writing. Also, make it a priority.

You can finish your tea, or you can simply leave it or discard it. Never share it with other people.

After you do the ritual, a few days later, you should pay more attention to your dreams or some signs and clues from the Universe, as a certain area in your life is going to receive some new illuminations or truths which will come in front of your nose.