Use The Energy of These 5 Crystals to Heal and Release in the Autumn Season

Use The Energy of These 5 Crystals to Heal and Release in the Autumn Season

The autumn is the season of the year for healing, going deep, as well as releasing. The shadows will grow longer because the south journeys of the Sun are going to bring some darkness and long nights to every one of us that live in the Northern Hemisphere.

Nature also asks us to go within and go even profound or even to release just like we see those trees doing as they actually shed their leaves. While all this will take some effort and work to do, we also have all those gifts, as well as tools of nature which can actually help us in working these modalities.

Some of those tools are the crystals. Crystals actually carry energy, and we can harness it in our healing and grounding work. Crystals also serve as reminders f our divinity, strengths, as well as connection to all the other beings. Also, they can do the same for everyone.

Crystals can actually guide us, as well as help us in healing if we let them. Digging deeper into the own depths of darkness, we will discover that the connection with our past and with the Earth is even deeper. Through this process, the past will release its holds on us. It will no longer weigh heavily on us or feels like something to be avoided.

People falsely tend to believe that life has to be all light and rainbows. They also try to avoid darkness and the shadows although they are naturally just a part of them.

Light cannot exist without darkness, and both are needed inherently. It is just in repressing the darkness that we actually cause ourselves with misery and suffering. Our repressed shadow aspects are actually the only powerful thing when denied. When we actually shine the light on them, we are going to find that they are not so scary after all. And, we will also find that people are actually going to love us more for not being perfect, as there is no person that is perfect.

When working to bring the shadow aspects to conscious awareness, we can actually achieve self-acceptance, wholeness, and self-forgiveness too, which are otherwise known as integration. Also, it is possible for every one of us.

Spending some time in thoughtful contemplation, sitting in meditation, journal, exploring your feelings – you will never know that is going to reveal, but having faith is good, as it is going to be exactly what you have to know. You should get your crystals, smudge with sage in order to clear energies and sit with them in a meditative position, charging them with the intentions you have.

You should also ask the crystals to guide you in the work you plan to do. Also, hold them, feel them and send your vibrations and intentions to them, as now, they are programmed for you. You should meditate with them and wear them with you.

These are the five crystals which have powerful allies in shadow work and soul integration too.

1. Dravite

This is a stone of the root chakra and is a must for integration. It helped a lot of people when they were seeking to connect with a deeper acceptance of themselves, particularly their shadow aspects. The ability to continue with life also comes with acceptance. The ability to change or release some parts of ourselves which we do not need anymore also comes with acceptance. When we reach self-acceptance, it is going to turn into self-love, and then we will no longer fear to explore ourselves as we know how special we are. When we stop judging ourselves, we also stop worrying about being judged.

2. Snowflake obsidian

This is a volcanic gemstone which is amazing for integrating the shadow aspects, as it helps in drawing the emotions to the surface, which are usually all wrapped up in that shadow. We are going never to be free of pain if we do not bring it to the surface. Surely, this can be scary, but no matter what it is, we are already living through it.

We should do a favor to ourselves and let it go. If resisting it, there will be a great place to journal. When you explore your resistance, it can actually be so freeing. Destructive behavior is usually a manifestation of the repressed parts of the personality, and, we can actually address a behavior if we are not aware of it. Snowflake is another perfect accomplice for accepting the shadow aspects.

3. Kambaba Jasper

This is a stone which has soft and nurturing masculine energy which every one of us needs. It is protective and healing, and it provided strengths as we are walking through the repressed pain of broken-hearts, rejection, as well as abandonment. This is quite important as emotional despair will contribute to the shadows and the blocks within us. This stone gently nudges ourselves to face the still unresolved problems, which is actually a key aspect of shadow work, as well as integration.

4. Golden sheen obsidian

This is the second obsidian which is going to help you in questing to uncover your unique skills and hidden talents. The parts of you which are actually associated with the hidden Divine Rebel and which you have buried profoundly for fear of criticism. The golden sheen obsidian can help you in releasing blockages to the personal or spiritual growth that can be wrapped up in the intellect, subconscious or ego. Usually, you are not aware of these blockages as they are so integrated into you. In consciously acknowledging them, we actually start the process of release.

5. Astrophyllite-nuumite

This is a crystal for people that are prepared to really lead into the abyss. Nuumite is actually meant for some deep work as it is able to direct light into the darkest recesses of our being. The astrophyllite or nuumite also brings light into the darkness, which will actually take away the power that darkness has over us. The stone can be a metaphysical flashlight in the darkest of times. However, it cannot do all the work we need for us. We need to go into the darkness with the gem companion and look around too.

The stone can also be helpful in perceiving and understanding the most buried and unacknowledged thoughts, as well as feelings. In such understandings, we are going to free ourselves. You should use the nuumite when you want to heal the past. Every one of us has work to do. You should never assume that someone else has it all together. That is only a point of view, and it is not quite easy as packing you a crystal, and suddenly, you were healed.

Together with meditation, journaling, as well as being of service to other people, these crystals may and are going to amplify your journey into the shadows.