Here's How Meditation Will Help You Deal With The Mental Toxins In This Turbulent World

Here's How Meditation Will Help You Deal With The Mental Toxins In This Turbulent World

A long time ago, meditation was often reserved for people that follow a spiritual, as well as devotional path of some type. A lot of people still think in this way.

However, nowadays, meditation became more and more accepted, and in that way mainstream. A lot of people practice some form of meditation, no matter if it is through yoga, which is moving meditation, t’ai chi or some other form of sitting meditation or mindfulness.

From what we can actually see, it is really a necessary thing for living a peaceful and happy life in a more and more turbulent world.

For a long time, technology broke down communication barriers with permitting thoughts to spread all over the world in the proverbial blink of an eye. Still, this fact also created barriers on some other ways – we actually see a very polarized consciousness where one person or even a group of people seek to be right, as well as make the other people wrong.

The negativity of the world.

The negativity of the world does not seem to be stopping soon. From the dramatic increase of mass shootings and stabbings around the world to mass uncertainty with the economy, the schools, as well as healthcare systems, food production and scarcity of pure water resources, which are abnormal realities, will typically broadcast instantaneously all over the media, affecting our lives.

A lot of negative opinions, which are often filled with the emotional, as well as highly-charged energies of fear, judgments, or negativity and worry, are broadcasted to us on TV, radios, in magazines, on the internet. A lot of people find a sense of satisfaction in reading, or even watching the immense negativity broadcast in the news: stories of wars, of pain, loss, and suffering, judgmental points of view, and adverse criticism.

While there are a lot of negative and unwanted things, there is actually no need to constantly focus on them and magnify them.

So, when you do not help the problem with taking constructive action, in thought or even deed, then you are not helping yourself too, or the world. If news sources were meant to give us a clear strategy to help, a clear call to action, then only some of the dire negativity is going to be addressed.

So what can we do about this?

First of all, limit your needs to know everything that is wrong in this world, as we are not here to fix it.

Individual consciousness can actually help us in shaping the world but only if we have it pure and vibrating high. 

The world is going to change overnight if everyone takes positive actions in small ways.

But, we are continuously being triggered by some information we consume, and the usual final result is going to be escapism of some kind. The restless mind will become more edgy and agitated by the news which it consumes.

A lot of people hate their jobs, as well as the pressure life, gives them. There is a sense of going through some motions but without any real joy.

Meditation is going to reverse unconscious momentum.

With practicing meditation, we are consciously going to reverse this process.

First of all, we will start noticing how much negativity we absorb as we start getting in touch with our own core energy quickly. The inner core of us is actually not affected by worldly events. There is also a wellspring of deep joy, residing inside us waiting to be tapped.

Wearing the thoughts of other people is just like wearing clothes which do not fit us, or suit us at all. Still, we were doing this for a long time that we have forgotten. Meditation is some kind of looking in the mirror and realizing that we don’t look right.

It also helps us in taking a better night’s sleep, as well as meeting the challenges of our day with more grace. The purpose of meditation is not escapism or a rest from the worries we have. Yet, how we perceive our worries and fear, when they appear, is going to change totally. It is actually a process so we have to be patient and kind with ourselves through the journey, which is laden with ego traps.

Meditation is helpful in creating acceptance of ourselves of a deeper level – we start seeing ourselves clearly, as we actually are, with all that uncomfortable habits and faults. However, the difference is that we do not judge ourselves as we realize that other people are just like we are, but such sense of common humanity, as well as interconnections, is going to bring us closer to each other.

Meditation clears the dirty mirror of the mind, saturated with the filth of worldly news. With practicing meditation, we start realizing the unwanted thoughts and in that way, we start seeing the brilliance of the moon – which is our soul – reflected in the water. Deep inside, we desire such a connection and nothing in the world is ever going to satisfy it apart from meditation, as well as connection to the source of awareness and love within.

When we have our mind turbulent, life can be pretty hard. Our thoughts have less power than they are going to have when the mind is peaceful and calm. 

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