Déjà Vu Is a Spiritual Gift and Here Is What It Means

Déjà Vu Is a Spiritual Gift and Here Is What It Means

The present moment is the only moment available to us and it is the doorway to all moments. – Thich Nhat Hanh

We can all agree or disagree that in every moment we are all our past, our present and our future self. Here, we will explore that.

When speaking from a scientific point of view, we understand that time and space are relative, which means that they depend only on the motion of the one that observes them and measures them. For this simple fact, and also from those of us who believe that we have eternal souls it may then be understood that our future selves definitely watch us at the moment through our memories.

This, in fact, means that we are already dead and we were just born and that every moment in between occurs in some other different dimension of ‘reality.’

But, how can this be possible?

Well, if this sounds like a far cry from the truth for us, we have to first of all understand that every single thing is energy, and there is no possibility of creating or destroying energy, but there is the possibility to simply transform it from one form to another.

When we die, we do so not in the random billiard ball matrix but in the inescapable life matrix. Life has a non-linear dimensionality – it’s like a perennial flower that returns to bloom in the multiverse. – Robert Lanza

So, what is time?

Well, time represents the tool which we created as a means for measuring the space between our thoughts, and our desires, and also the manifestation of them two. Simply said, time is the space which exists between our thoughts and the fruition of the manifestation into the present moment of reality.

So, when talking about dimensions, we actually refer to the observable space which separates our chosen individual experiences, both pre and also post incarnatiointon.

Right now, as we are ascending into this paradigm, we are witnessing the acceleration of our own manifestations to a ‘higher dimensional level.’ In fact the space which is between our desires and thoughts is shrinking as we are becoming our past, and present, and even future selves, that embody a more eternal, and universal consciousness.

What is a deja vu?

A lot of people get puzzled by this phenomenon and the ironic thing is that sometimes the clarity which they seek, was right in front of them all of the time.

There are a lot of people who can attest to the benefits brought by the present living, and a lot of them can even agree that it brings them emotional stability, an increase in their wellbeing and health, healing, and it is also beneficial for the energy flow.

However, we are not always aware of the benefits that it has on our spirituality. In order to understand that, we have to understand that the spirituality is defined as connecting to a person that is bigger than ourselves.

When we decide to live a ‘spiritual way of life’ it means that we are trying to bring some meaning in our lives and after we finally connect, we experience that which is quite bigger than ourselves – we find the most treasured insights or we gain profound wisdom.

We also don’t exist on just one dimension or timeline of our reality, but our souls exist in billions of probable outcomes of reality and our minds explore the potential path before we even walk the path. On this same level, as time and space are relative, finding ourselves in some place in time where we definitely experience deja vu, what happens is that we, in fact, remember the memory.

In different deja vu cases, our future self remember this exact moment in time as something which was either fond to recall or even regretful and hopes that our present self is going to change and remember the outcome.

In what way can our senses be sharen?

This is an ideology which places a deep significance on our present living, as it is just in the present moment that we will become aware of all the moments, future or past, and posses the capacity of integrating them into our conscious state of awareness.

We can say that present living is definitely the key way to spirituality, connecting to bigger things than ourselves, and finding meaning in life.

Death is just an illusion, while life is just a dream, and we are the creators of our imagination.

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