crystals for growth

10 Crystals and Stones to Boost Your Self-Love and Inner Growth

When you struggle, as everyone else does from time to time, with the delicate balance of nourishing yourself, taking some time for yourself, as well as doing the difficult work of going deep within, utilizing the healing power of gemstones in order to boost your self-love and inner growth can actually offer tremendous help.

Can you remember a time or those times when you felt all warm and fuzzy about yourself? And then, remember how you permitted that to shine outward to your family, as well as friends, and the whole world?

That is actually the sweetest spot of inner peace which is available when you connect to your higher self. It also brings your truth, connects you to the higher consciousness which comes when you can see yourself, for instance, from a place of love, the place which permits you to see everyone or anything else from that same place of unconditional love.

As self-love and inner growth go hand in hand and you cannot have one without the other, we chose 10 stones and crystals which can help you with both of them.

Crystals for Personal Growth

1. Amethyst

Amethyst is said to bring emotional stability, as well as inner strength, encourage self-love, positive self-image, build self-confidence and bring clarity so that you will become more in tune with your feelings, as well as get to know yourself on a deeper level. This crystal is also believed to promote self-expression, openness to other people and empowerment.

2. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a crystal believed to encourage self-love, together with an inner peace by helping you to realize your inner truth and self-defeating beliefs. It is also said to clear the mind, help you understand underlying emotional states, as well as how you feel so you are empowered to take responsibility for yourself, clears blocked communication and encourages self-expression.

3. Aventurine

Help boost self-assurance, courage, as well as inner strength and harmony, by releasing old patterns so new growth can take place.

4. Bloodstone

This one is said to remove self-doubt and nourish feelings of self-worth, as well as self-confidence and self-sufficiency by calming the emotions, clearing confusion and enhancing decision making.

5. Charoite

This stone is believed to be a stone of transformation. It is also said to align heart and mind, as well as permit you to see yourself and other people with unconditional love and acceptance. This clarity permits for freedom from victimization brings some courage, as well as inner strength, self-esteem, and assertiveness.

6. Citrine

This one is believed to be a stone of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-expression, and individuality. It also inspires emotional clarity, relieves self-doubt, as well as helps in eliminating the fear of being judged or criticized by other people.

7. Dolomite 

This stone is believed to be one of self-realization, as it dispels fear and encourages inner certainty, courage, as well as self-love by helping you to face, overcome and release fears and phobias, in that way promoting self-confidence and a certainty that you can do whatever is set to you to do.

8. Feldspar

The Feldspar is believed to increase self-love, help you to reconnect with yourself, as well as release things which you no longer need, increase self-respect, self-esteem, together with encouraging a more heart-centered awareness and acceptance of yourself and others.

9. Howlite

This is a stone of awareness, and it helps to decrease an overly crucial state of mind, it is helpful in giving you comfort as your true self without the need to pretend to be anything else, as well as encourages self-expression.

10. Kunzite

This is a crystal which is believed to open the heart to embrace all the types of love, which include self-love, and to receive the energies of universal love, as well as recognize the divine within your own self. It also encourages introspection and free expression of the feelings you have.

Crystals can raise your level of overall well-being. When they are used in massages, on a vibration level, they actually help people to bring their body and energy field back into balance to create stability. For some people, these massages work energetically, removing toxins and stress, while for others they energize and replenish the soul.