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Planet Of Plenty Sacred Geometry Set

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Green Aventurine is the Stone of Opportunity. It is considered to be the luckiest of crystals especially in prosperity and wealth aligning conditions so that opportunities can present itself. It brings optimism and enthusiasm for life enhancing confidence, creativity, motivation, and perseverance. It has a strong connection to Gaia and sends soothing vibrations of the earth to the mind and body. Its green energy conveys the power of constant renewal.
  1. Cube - 6 square sides - a representation of the Earth Element
  2. Icosahedron - 20 trilateral sides - a representation of the Water Element
  3. Tetrahedron - 4 trilateral sides - a representation of the Fire Element
  4. Octahedron - 8 trilateral sides - a representation of the Air Element
  5. Dodecahedron - 12 pentagonal sides -a representation of the Ether/Aether or Universe Element
  6. Spheroid
  7. Merkabah Star

    Product Description: 
    ✔️Condition: Brand New
    ✔️Material: Green Aventurine Stone
    ✔️Size: Approx. 15mm - 20mm | About 0.6in - 0.8in
    ✔️Shape: Sacred Geometry Symbol
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