6 Important Lessons From Venus Retrograde: October 5th – November 16th, 2018

6 Important Lessons From Venus Retrograde: October 5th – November 16th, 2018

The planet of love, Venus, turns retrograde on every 18-19 months, so when it occurs, we feel it. Actually, Venus retrograde is also one of the most important astrological transits.

Through this year, we have had a lot of important retrogrades, which include the Mars retrograde. Generally, the word ‘retrograde’ has a bad reputation, thanks to the perceived effects of the Mercury retrograde, which occurs several times every year. It is often blamed for all kinds of madness, but here, we are talking about Venus retrograde, which is entirely different than the one of Mercury.

On the 5th of October, the planet Venus was shining a spotlight on relationships, resources, as well as values and asked for re-examination. Past romances were sneaking back into the present, and anything with which you have a relationship was up for question and redefinition. Unless you were living in a perpetual abundance of beauty, pleasure, ease, as well as harmony, this retrograde had your number – and most people would agree that they are not always getting the balance right.

Retrogrades are usually seen as a powerful time for insight, exploration, as well as self-discovery, and these themes are especially pertinent, as the planet Venus was in retrograde through the sign Scorpio into the sign of Libra.

Scorpio is a sign which is associated with transformation, as well as uncovering the deeper and hidden depths of our souls, and there is no doubt that we felt this energy moving through us at the time of the retrograde.

Venus is the planet which rules our feminine nature which is receptive, creative, as well as magnetic. She also rules relationships, resources including money, values, some essential needs, cooperation, reciprocity, beauty, and harmony. These are the things which we deal on a daily basis, so how we live, and how we have been living is literally up for renovation with the Venus retrograde.

Here are the six lessons which we can learn from the Venus retrograde:

1. Do not underestimate the past – respect it!

Retrogrades are almost always calling things which were forgotten to the surface, and which also cause hitches in plans. The planet of love rules over all partnerships, romantic or not, and it is likely that someone that is from your past is going to appear once again at this time. It can be so healing to close the book on what was, honoring, as well as recognizing it was a necessary chapter in your story, but that it no longer belongs to the current moment.

Past circumstances come back for a reason. You should find the lesson in their presence. The Venus retrograde is the perfect time to consider the outcomes of some previous experiences instead of running away from them. This will help you to go forward with new wisdom, as well as awareness.

2. Reassess partnership commitments.

He retrograde of Venus is the right time to reassess your partnership contracts and legal agreements too. Who is your business partner? Not just in the office, but in every other aspect of your life. You should take the needed time in order to check-in and make sure these people hold up their end of the bargain and that you are holding yours too. The planet Venus likes the things to be fair. Also, you deserve to make the best choices for you.

If you reassess your partnership and it is what you really want, this will be a wonderful time to renew your intention. If it is a workmate, you should make a toast to your teamwork. If you are married, you should consider a second ceremony. You will also have the ruler of partnership by your side as you are celebrating someone that made you happy enough to vow your love again.

3. Control your impulses.

At the retrograde time, our impulses will be taking a test, so you should watch out for the urge to splurge without intention. If you notice something shiny and beautiful and the voice in your head starts screaming ‘I must have it!’ you should stop, and think if it is really something you need. Also, think about how it will enhance the quality of your life. Remember that people are also part of this equation.

Your sexual energy can also seduce you toward a crash course collision with some of the most beautiful and good people you have ever seen. The phrase ‘Love is blind’ is actually one which you can continue to repeat until you wake up and realize that the gorgeous guy standing in front of you is a narcissist, unemployed, and lives in the basement of his parents, as well as that he is not in his twenties or producing amazing art and music.

4. Find the beauty in little things.

At the time of the retrograde, the most important thing is to find the beauty in little things, as they add up to everything. Embrace the wisdom and honor of the planet Venus, those pretty parts of your life where you can recognize light, but also remember to give a little extra love to your flaws, as well as the flaws to other people too.

Beauty is everywhere around you, right in front of you, but it just may take this powerful retrograde to reawaken you, so that you can notice it.

5. Evaluate the things which you already have – they are more than worth!

Before you indulge in some new, expensive piece of art or decide to paint your whole apartment on a whim, think twice. These things will not turn out the way you expect them to. Venus is the ruler of arts, and her retrograde will not be the best time to start changing up your aesthetic, particularly if you are changing the external in order to ‘fix’ something internal.

If you lose finances into something without thinking twice or getting an objective assessment, you may also find yourself spending double in order to get out of it or realize you do not really need it in the first place. So, instead of looking for something new, you should evaluate what you already have. Regenerating the old is retrograde magic, so show some love to several forgotten objects, and watch them come to life once again.

6. Acknowledge your value too.

For those people who have strong signatures of Taurus and Libra in their charts, this retrograde will feel particularly personal. These are Venus-ruled signs, and they love to portray masks of beauty and elegance. Their lives look perfect, so they are probably also perfect, do you agree?

The truth actually is that they are not less human than the rest of us and at the time of the retrograde of Venus, their flaws are going to rise to the surface. So, you should relax for a moment, take a deep breath and be vulnerable. You will find that those that are true to you are going to love you no matter what. In mythology, the planet of love does not do anything to earn love. She is just inherently worthy, and so are you.

Final thoughts:

However, while most of the things are true, it does not mean that retrogrades are a sign that the same thing will happen again and again, or that you are going to have to relive the traumas of that time. Instead, they are more about moving to another level in regards to such events.

Retrogrades are helpful for us in that way that makes us look back over things with a new perspective, as well as a new insight. They also help us to see things in a different way and to gain maybe a new understanding about the road we have traveled.

The planet Venus is concerned with love and joy, and it makes us open our hearts and appreciate that feeling of love and joy in different ways.