How To Handle A Rude Person: 5 Simple Comebacks To Help You In Different Situations

How To Handle A Rude Person: 5 Simple Comebacks To Help You In Different Situations

When someone is rude to you, keep a smile on your face. When you stay on the high road and keep your joy, you take away their power – Joel Osteen

People often tend to make love or hate relationship with their families, friends, bosses and even spouses. One time, they can be the sweetest people with loving intentions, and on the other time, they can say something so offensive that makes you want to call them every name they deserve and react negatively. Usually, people do not think about what they say before saying it, which can lead to chaos if the person they are speaking to is offended.

However, you have the right to defend yourself, as well as to say what you mean, but you can come up with a retort that allows you to express yourself while still being positive and polite.

Rude people suck, but there is no way to get around it: you are going to run into one now and then. Finding the right comeback to handle rude people is not always easy, particularly if that person signs your paychecks. If you were wondering how you can handle a rude person, you should consider these five comebacks the next time you face rudeness.

1. Tell the rude person that you appreciate their perspective.

When someone is rude to you, they do not expect graciousness, or any kind of positive emotions to come at them. If anything, it is going to disarm them and make them realize that you appreciate different viewpoints, which include theirs too. They may want to make you sad, but you will not let them. Show them that you will only continue this conversation with dignity, as well as respect. They may actually respect you more by reacting in such a considerate way.

2. Thank the rude person.

A simple “thank you” speaks loud when you encounter a rude person. Put on a smile and thank them. It is a subtle way to acknowledge their rudeness and opt out of engaging them in it. It will show that you are in control of your own emotions. You are the one who chooses how to react in any given situation, so you should choose happiness. It is going to keep your thoughts and actions positive, and show other people that their rude words simply cannot bring you down.

3. Tell the rude person that he/she is right.

While a lot of people struggle to say the words “You are right,” it is going to benefit them to make the other person believe that they were in the right in what they said, and will probably cause the conversation to be cut short. Just because someone is rude, it does not make what they have to say incorrect. So, if someone rudely points something out, you should tell them that they are right. It almost always gives them pause, as they expect you to argue, not concede.

4. Tell the rude person that the conversation is over.

There is nothing wrong to say to a rude person that the conversation is over. If you find yourself too angry to respond to someone in a calm way, you should simply end the conversation. You do not want to cause some permanent damage to a relationship by losing your cool, but you also don’t want to disrespect yourself pretending that the comments or questions of a rude person are acceptable. You are in charge of who you talk to and about what. If you are being disrespected, simply walk away.

5. Laugh to the rude person.

This reaction is definitely going to catch the offender off-guard, as well as make a rude person feel embarrassed for even commenting in the first place. Because, what is funnier than laughing in the face of a rude person?