10 Uplifting Life Lessons We Can Learn From Astronauts Who Have Been in Space

10 Uplifting Life Lessons We Can Learn From Astronauts Who Have Been in Space

Since the beginning of humanity, people looked upon the stars in the cosmos, in order to seek awe and wisdom. In fact, there was something right deep inside us which always pushed us to jump out of the atmosphere of the Earth, even only for a moment, in order to see the vastness from up close.

With the technological inventions and advancements of humanity, we achieved space travel, and humans looked upon the vastness. But, it was at the time cosmonauts looked down at our planet that they were left in awe and understanding of the deeper wisdom.

Each astronaut or cosmonaut who visited space and looked upon our beautiful and amazing planet came back as a different individual.

These are the ten valuable lessons we can learn from them:

1. Borders do not exist in reality

When these professionals look upon our planet, they see one whole. There are no defined borders, countries, or politics and political conflicts. It is only one amazing and living planet which moves and breathes with its seasons. The borders are just illusions of humans. Oneness is the truth of nature.

2. Learning is still advancement and success

One of the misconceptions related to astronauts is that they spend a large time in space. Given this context, defining success regarding being selected for a space mission can be problematic. You will spend much of your time thinking of yourself as a failure.

So, if we define success just by the promotions we win, we will probably be disappointed. But astronauts have a mindset of always preparing, taking new opportunities and being optimistic in order to learn more when others will definitely choose to ignore such an opportunity.

3. We are really small

Our cosmos is unimaginably and unbelievably big. Even trying to think about its size it may give you a type of relief from your problems. Looking at the planet and realizing how small we are, in fact, compared to our cosmos, will make every one of us or our daily stress ridiculously small.

4. Make a difference between actual and perceived danger to conquer fear

Self-help gurus believe that conquering fear or gaining success may be simply achieved by imagining a successful outcome. While positive visualization practices are quite useful, they are going to never substitute for serious preparation.

According to astronauts, fear comes from not knowing what to expect and not feeling that we have control over what is about to occur. Feeling helpless will make us far more afraid that we would be if we knew the facts.

5. Darkness is not that bad

Every one of us has been made to believe that there is, in fact, an eternal battle between light and darkness, that light is good and that darkness is bad. However, in reality, the battle between these two does not exist, but it is a dance, and darkness if a peaceful dancer. Their dance also creates the cosmos and all its beauty.

6. There are no sides

Every one of us is used to use directions in order to better navigate this planet. However, when we are out there, in the space, there are no sides or directions. There is no up, down, right or left, forward or backward in reality. Every single thing is subjective to the point of view of the observer.

7. It is worth helping others in reaching their success

Teamwork is definitely vital to the success of space mission. While every astronaut is highly competitive, it is not enough to simply put aside when working with other people. However, it is not enough to shelve their competitive streak.

They have to try, consciously, in order to help other people in reaching their success. Helping others looks good, and it does not make us look worse. Usually, it will also improve our performance, especially in stressful situations.

8. We are all on the same ship

We are fighting one another, we are hurting each other, we wage wars against one another, but when we look at our planet from space, and when we look at all that emptiness which surrounds us, we are all that we have in this vastness. In fact, there is no point in not loving each other.

9. Time perception is relative

When we are up in the International Space Station, the time will move 0,007 seconds slower than it does for those people who are on the planet. Time passes in a different way, and it is also relative to the individual that perceives it. The now is what we really have.

10. Miracles surround us

When we see how the planet moves slowly or what weather looks like from space or even starting at the empty vastness of space, we are going to be able to see miracles. In fact, we are living in all those miracles, such as sunsets, auroras, or ocean waves – they are surrounding us.

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