Spiritual Practice is Nothing About Being Perfect: Here is Why

Spiritual Practice is Nothing About Being Perfect: Here is Why

A lot of people in the world pursue a connection with the Divine and also search for perfect spiritual practice.

The practice would be perfect for them if it permits them to dial into the magical pulse of the Universe or the perfect ritual that is going to remind them of their total abundance, and love that is flowing through their life.

Those people also search for the best meditation routine that will probably allow them to freely dance in the beautiful and clean Divine light, and the unfiltered happiness and joy in the morning. They will search for perfect affirmations too, or sets of imaginations, mantras, or something else which will definitely lit them up or fill them with gratitude, faith, and happiness.

The single constant in their spiritual practice while searching for a practice which would be perfect, then their wish to improve or their hunger for discovering and their testing rituals and routines which would also be perfect.

Sometimes, we may feel close to the feeling of perfection and uniqueness – a beautiful buzz of emotions and feelings which are tapped in, and which overcome us with bliss. There will also be days when we will not be able to feel it. Sometimes, the practice is not going to feel perfect at all. These are all the struggles that spiritual perfectionists face. This is the everlasting fight for searching the proper practice that is going to be perfect for them.

We have to accept that we are definitely not perfect, as nobody else is. The reality is that we are all humans and we are imperfect or messy beings who sometimes wake up on the right side of the bed. Every one of us has some days when we don’t feel optimistic 100%. Although we are trying really hard, we simply cannot.

Instead of trying hard, we have to say ourselves that everything is okay. There will be times that it will be more than only okay. It is going to be our perfect practice: living as a divine and imperfect human being on a daily basis.

In the quests for the right and perfect spiritual practice, we often forgot about humanness. In the insatiable need for getting closer to the Divine, or in the never-ending quest for tapping into the higher self or embodying it, we tend to forget to acknowledge and also celebrate who we really are. We forgot that the imperfection was not needed to feel divine, but that it was the path that led to it.

The permission about being human was definitely one thing which was missing from the perfect practice.

So, we have to seek appreciation and fullness of human experiences on the Earth instead of searching for perfection. We are going to permit ourselves to dance with the divine and pure light which the messy humanness has. Moreover, we rejoice in every imperfection that our life has, with gratefulness and happiness.

Because, in life, every person is going to choose to be human and live complex, rich and full human experience, but not perfection. So, in the spiritual practices, when we tap into the light and embrace the Divine, it means that we have to embrace humanness too.

We need to embrace the lovely or messy creature we are – perfect human beings in all those imperfections.

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