Your Dark Side According to Your Zodiac Sign

Your Dark Side According to Your Zodiac Sign

When reading about our sign of the Zodiac, we usually read a piece of advice, something funny or benign, or introspective or even thought-provoking. However, that is not everything that our stars can tell about us; each sign of the Zodiac has its creepy side too. Every sign has a set of disturbing and negative qualities, together with the positive ones which we regularly see.

In one way or another, we are all creepy, and we have our times when we cross the limits, and became a bit creepy and odd, even when we aren’t trying to.

Here are our twelve signs of the Zodiac and their creepy, scary and negative sides:

Aries – shockingly violent.

Those of us who are Aries are opinionated and headstrong, and our enthusiasm and energy can become explosive violence all of a sudden. We are kind of obsessed when it comes to getting our way too. Our volatile and unpredictable mood swings may make us do something that we will regret later.

Taurus – possessive.

Those of us born under Taurus are persistent, sentimental, and materialistic. Such traits usually prevent us from letting some things go. Our desperate needs to keep every single thing as we want usually become an obsession. We even struggle with crossing the boundaries of other people, and we take things far when our heart is also involved.

Gemini – two-faced.

The split personality of those of us that are born under Gemini makes us go from having fun and laughing to crying although nothing has really happened. This puts other people off, and they don’t know what they should expect. We find it hard being honest or loyal as we feel the need to talk about others behind their own backs. This will make our friends feel betrayed and hurt.

Cancer – martyr complex.

Those of us who are born under the sign of Cancer tend to go beyond and above for those that we love while we believe that we deserve a lot more than we receive. We love being the victim, and that’s why we let others walk over us intentionally. We try to make things look worse than they are. When we are down, we tend to utilize those particular feelings to our advantage.

Leo – narcissistic monster.

Those of us that have this sign have inflated egos and consider ourselves to be right above others. We can sometimes be kind and charming, but we feel the need to be the center of attention or we will show our true colors and things will get nasty. We never care about other people’s feelings.

Virgo – control freak.

The determination of those of us that are Virgos is overbearing. We never stop. Our perfectionism has us planning and also controlling everyone and everything without even asking for inputs. We misinterpret this for “dedication.” However, it is not dedication, but it is our necessity for control, which is a really bad quality.

Libra – empathy for horrible people.

The fair-mindedness and empathy of those of us who are Libras have us weighing each contributing factor evenly, even the wrong ones. We feel proud as we are sure that every decision we made was the right one, and not only our decisions, but the decision of those around us, even the bad ones. We feel empathy for horrible people.

Scorpio – enthusiasm for some terrifying things.

Those things which motivate and interest us, Scorpios, are definitely out of the line as to when something is quite upsetting, we became drawn to it in an equal measure of intensity. When a bad thing happens, it is like some fire within us ignites. We are mostly fascinated by tragedy, crimes, or taboo and our reactions to such things are alarming.

Sagittarius – perfect cult leader.

Those of us that are born under this sign are inspiring leaders whose thirst and wanderlust for new things and ideas helps them cultivate a lot of friends or acquaintances that are going to follow us to the Earth’s ends. For us, the sense of attachment does not exist. There would be nothing that will hold us back when we make a decision.

Capricorn – void of emotion.

Those of us that are Capricorns would do everything in order to get ahead. We never care if we have to take extreme measures in order to achieve something, even a bad thing. Our lack of self-centered determination and emotion as well means that we do not care about others. As a result of that, we usually bring others down while we are trying to reach the top.

Aquarius – sociopathic mentality on how to fix the world.

The desire that those of us who are Aquarians have is to get everything done. This desire is definitely blind to the truth about what effects it will have on situations and people. Our methods for making the world a better place are unconventional. That’s why we tend to put much effort into things which will not bring any changes.

Pisces – emotionally uncomfortable nightmare.

Those overwhelming forces which inspire us, the Pisceans, to make this world a much better place for living, can definitely take us to dark places, particularly when we believe that our ire’s subject showed unwarranted and unexpected cruelty towards us or something we hold dear. Our emotions can be completely irrational and overwhelming. Although we know that, we still blame others for causing us pain.

EVERYONE loves everything about the 12 zodiacs. Each sign has its own specific traits, strengths and weaknesses, desires and attitude towards everything in life and with people. Knowing your sign can give us a glimpse of basic characteristics, and preferences.

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