The 12 Symptoms Of Energy Shift You May Experience

The 12 Symptoms Of Energy Shift You May Experience

Within the ages’ transition, a lot of people will start feeling numerous of these symptoms of energy shift regularly, as their bodies will adjust and upgrade to some higher frequencies.

1. Headaches

When our Crown Chakra is open or expanded, it may be a painful and intense experience for us. Headaches will be present frequently, and they may even range from cluster headaches to migraines. Women will experience them more often than men. The causes of such headaches could be some hormonal changes happening when our energy centers are stimulated, or the vast amount of energies flowing through our Crown Chakra.

2. Excessive energy

We go to sleep and feel exhausted, but just several hours later, we are wide. In fact, this happens as a result of the Photon Belt energy, which accumulates around us, as the inability of our body to store energies as it is congested and blocked. The best possible way in which we can assimilate these energies is to read a book, listen to some meditation guidance, or watch TV.

3. Depression

Depression is a common symptom which is caused by increased vibrations. The higher frequency will force any illness infection, or virus, which hides in our bodies to the surface. We should examine our decisions and beliefs which create our reality, in order to discover what contributes to this specific state.

4. Flu symptoms

These symptoms are common and what causes them usually is the reaction of our physical bodies to toxins which an expanded chakra releases. We should simply ride the symptoms out, without taking antibiotics which are going to prolong the improving process. In order to ease each symptom, we could supplement our bodies with blood fortifying enzymes, essential oils and herbs. Hot drinks made of lemon will also help cleanse our body.

5. Extreme sensitivity

While we open ourselves up to some higher vibrations, we are going to find ourselves becoming quite sensitive to noises, smells, light, tastes, and even people, or other things too. This can affect our central nervous system, something hard to overcome easily. The best solution would be taking B vitamins or multivitamins.

6. Nausea, diarrhea, and loose bowel movement

These are common reactions when our Solar Plexus Chakra is opened, and releases stored anger, fear, and resentment. Family and karmic problems are going to produce farting and gas. What can ease the symptoms is Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, so we should not be afraid of taking it on every thirty minutes or so if needed.

7. Animal reactions

We are going to realize that cats and dogs, or some other animals are going to become conscious of our energy, and they will start fearing of it. Also, the opposite can happen – they may desire to be around those energies constantly. There are animals which cannot get quite enough of such energies, while others feel afraid as they don’t really understand it.

8. Day and night sweats and hot flashes

Both women and men experience these symptoms commonly. This happens as a result of the energy which flows too quickly throughout our body, some hormonal changes that are present in men too, and so on. Some men could also experience fat stored in that particular area, providing them with the feeling like they grow breasts.

9. Joint pain and muscle aches

Increasing our vibration will force energy throughout our body. When some blockages impede the flow of energy, the forced and raised energy slams in them and in that way it causes these ails and symptoms.

10. Extreme tiredness

Some common things which show extreme tiredness are having troubles to get out of bed after we were sleeping all night, or sleeping in the afternoon, and walking in the morning. This can be caused when the energy shift happens through our entire spiritual body. In order to hydrate our cells, we have to drink significant amounts of water and use crystals to energize that water.

11. Weight gain

Weight gain is another common complaint. Our bodies will feel like they were invaded so that it will add a protection layer. When there is not enough water in our body, it is going to store water, and that will lead to stagnation. Body fat is holding higher vibrations which are needed to generate channeling and healing energy.

12. Food changes

While we vibrate higher, we are going to find out that we don’t desire the things which we desired before anymore. Tea, meat, and coffee are only three of all dietary changes which people make because they start vibrating faster. In fact, meat is particularly dense, which means that it can affect the energy of our body, particularly if it contains hormones. We may even develop cravings particular craving for specific foods. This is something normal, and it belongs to the shift to higher vibrations. We should let this happen, and also explore some new possibilities.

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