7 Powerful Techniques To Clear Your Energy Field From Toxic Energies

7 Powerful Techniques To Clear Your Energy Field From Toxic Energies

Our energetic bodies can become imbalanced and disturbed incredibly easy, because of the disharmony and intensity of the modern way of life. We are bombarded by a lot of damaging electromagnetic fields on a daily basis, such as those coming from Wi-Fi signals, cell phones, computers, power lines, cars, and numerous other things that are greatly going to interfere with energetic bodies.  They can even pollute our energetic sheaths with some disruptive frequencies which will make us feel tired, drained, and stress out.

GMO foods and non-organic foods can also interfere with the ability of our body to maintain our energetic field’s integrity, which is better known as aura. And, most of all, being around people that are negative, the so-called “energy vampires,” can also drain us energetically. These people feed off the subtle energy of our bodies, which collects in our energetic bodies too.

When we work with other individuals, we are often susceptible to his or her energies, and it will be very significant for us to protect our magic and light.

However, here are some of the ways we can clean our energies and assert our boundaries, as we definitely deserve it:

1. Spend some time in nature.

Nature is the right place for spending some good time and undoubtedly finding balance. Natural settings such as oceans or running water have particularly high ions concentrations as the water’s movement frees some electrons in the air. In fact, there are millions of negative ions in the earth, so when we are near some plant life and setting which will help us connect with our source once again, will be unbelievably rejuvenating and healing for our energetic alignment. Simply going for a walk several times during the day, we can feel the wonders it does on our mood.

2. Take healing salt baths.

Salt is definitely the favorite energy cleaner among people. The salt water, which is used for ages, mainly for purification, is unbelievably powerful. We should put a container or salt or also baking soda in our shower, and when it is bath or shower time, we should put some salt on our hands and then move it all over the body. We should think of the one whose energy we probably picked up, and then send him or her some love and light.

3. Smudge with some plants.

In order to clear negative energies away, we can use smudging, which is a technique from ancient times which requires burning sage or also wood such as Palo Santo bark. The wood or dried herb’s smoke will release negative ions, disinfecting and cleaning the air, at the same time leaving a beautiful soothing scent too. Both sage and Palo Santo release some negative ions so that they can clean our field quickly. Shamans and indigenous people used sage and Palo Santo throughout the Americas, in order to protect them from negative entities and spirits.

4. Clean your space.

This can sound like a fantasy but beings of light, fairies, and angles, adore clean spaces. That’s’ why spiritual havens and yoga studios are kept incredibly clean. We have all heard of a clean mind and a clean home. Well, it is something. We should clean our space, and throw out every old thing which does not serve us any purpose anymore.

5. Imagining a boundary.

We should draw the limit around our body like some bubble. Then, we should pick the color which calms us. If we have the feeling that we picked up the stuff of someone else, we should imagine a rose being inside our body. Then, we should let it open and start blossoming with the energy of that person. After that, we should send this flower out of our body, up in the sky. We should leave it to dissolve in the purple firelight, and it will purify everything.

6. We should shake the things up.

Moving our body, dancing, and shaking will be an excellent way of moving energies and returning to ourselves. We can set the timer for about 10 minutes, playing our favorite songs. We are going to feel much better than before.

7. We can try an energy field meditation.

First of all, we should sit without moving for a while. Then, we should imagine a circle formed by all the energy around us, with its diameter being around 5 feet wide. We should ask this diameter to come to four feet. After that, we should ask it to come into to three, two, and one foot. Then, we will ask it to come to our skin. We should pull our energy in our core, and we will feel safer, charged up and more in our skin.

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