Will Smith On Why Is Failure Significant

Will Smith On Why Is Failure Significant

Do you keep delaying your dream projects as you do not think that you are ever going to succeed?

Have you always desired to become your boss, but you have never dared to quit your current job?

In other words, are you afraid of failure?

Here, we will tell you why you should do the exact opposite of what you are actually doing and seek failure in your life.

Here is a video by Goalcast of Will Smith, in which he talks about failing and how to prepare to change your mindset for good.

All the life lessons are in failure. In this inspiring video, the famous actor advocated his positive and motivational attitude towards failure.

Even though it may be against human nature, we still have to get comfortable with failure, explains Smith.

Furthermore, we need to seek failure, as it is where all of the life lessons are.

Are you familiar with the fact that successful people fail more than they succeed?

This famous actor also clarifies his approach with the use of this example:

For instance, when you go to the gym, and you work out very hard, you actually seek failure, you wish to take your muscles to the point where you get to failure, as that is where the adaptation is, that is where growth is.

Successful individuals also fail, they fail a lot more than they succeed, but they extract the lessons from the failure, and they utilize the energy, as well as the wisdom in order to come around to the following phase of success.

This is actually right because the most successful individuals are the ones that fail the most, as they are the ones that also try the most. For example, the greatest masters of classical music like Beethoven or Mozart had generated hundreds of compositions before they came up with a much smaller number of masterpieces.

As Smith says:

You need to live at the edge of your capabilities. You have to live where you are almost certain you are going to fail.

Practice is an actually controlled failure; you are getting to your limit. You cannot live that; you cannot do that until you get to the point when suddenly your body adjusts, so after that, you can do it.

With practicing failure, you are going to get better at recognizing the fields where you have to improve yourself.

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So, you should remember the mantra of Will Smith for future projects:

Fail early, fail often, fail forward!

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