If You Are Grown and Mature Person, Stop Giving These 14 F*cks Right Now!

If You Are Grown and Mature Person, Stop Giving These 14 F*cks Right Now!

Humans arrive in this world entirely clueless, expecting life to be in pink color, a Utopian place where justice is always served, milk flows instead of rivers, as well as people being nice to each other. If you ask a person that is a place where he or she truly wishes to be in.

But, what you are about to experience will be a lot different. Very quickly, you will start realizing that the consequences of your existence are difficult, as well as painful. You will also become accustomed to the constant stress, and you worry about everything and everyone. Anxiety will also become a part of your life.

And just like that, after a quite serious and long period of drama in your life, you are finally going to realize that some f*cks should not be given anymore. Trying to make the world a better place, as well as keeping everyone happy, you are only going to make your life more stressful than it actually is.

Well, not anymore. There are some things which are just not worthy enough for you to stress over. Life is exactly what we make it. That responsibility lies with us. So, here we will list the 17 f*cks which you should stop giving right now if you are a grown and mature person. Here they are:

1. Giving a f*ck about gossip.

You should learn to love your life and work hard for the things which you desire. Talking bad about someone just behind their back is childish. You should not waste your time on hate.

2. What other people think.

When you start worrying a lot about what other people think or say about you, you basically love your life for them. You care a lot about your image, as well as how they perceive it. But, you should remember that people will always judge, no matter what.

3. Everything that you do not have.

There will always be some people that have more than you do. And that should not be intimidating to anyone of us. The grass should not always be greener on the other side. You should take care of your side and appreciate what you actually have.

4. Having the perfect body.

The perfect, as well as a mesmerizing body, is a lie. It is a marketing trick by the corporate tycoons, only for people to buy their slim-line products or expensive gadgets. You should accept your flaws and learn to love your body. You are beautiful, remember it!

5. Being worshiped on Instagram or Facebook.

If you like to share something, you just have to do it. But, what you have to do is stop giving a f*ck about having 100 or 1000 likes. Share it only because you want to. You should not permit yourself to become a slave to social media.

6. Being right all of the time.

What you have to understand is that you will not always be right about everything. Each person has their own set of beliefs and preferences. There is no such thing as normal.

7. Giving a damn any time you wear 4-inch heels or sneakers.

It is just your style, and you are going to do as you want to. Whether you decide to wear the jeans or mini skirt of your mom, with high heels, it is still Friday night.

8. Regretting things.

You should learn to accept the things which you did. It was your own decision, and you have to show some responsibility for it. You should also stop having regrets. The past is gone, and it is only up to you to learn your lesson, as well as to continue your journey.

9. Worrying about “What ifs.”

The future is always in front of you. You should not stress over its unpredictability. Instead, you should do everything that is in your power in order to make it a good one with focusing on some moments from the present.

10. Toxic people that are surrounding you.

No matter what you do, you should remember to maintain sage and solid boundaries around you, also, do not ever give a single a single damn about those energy-sucking vampires. You should leave them and promise yourself to never, ever look back.

11. Seeking revenge.

You should not waste your energy on revenge, as it will not make you feel as good as you think that it would. You are only going to feel more miserable as you have hurt someone.

12. The past.

Something that happened in the past may not be long-forgotten, but it is somehow gone. You cannot change it, and you are definitely going to waste your precious time stressing over it. You should forgive yourself and leave the past behind you. Also, concentrate on the present moment.

14. Worrying about the approval of people.

Sometimes, it is okay to listen to advice, but you should never make a mistake and ask someone for their approval. If you wait for someone to validate something for you, it is likely that you are going to suffer from rejection. You should have your reputation.