When People Invade Your Privacy: 3 Easy Methods to Protect Your Personal Space

When People Invade Your Privacy: 3 Easy Methods to Protect Your Personal Space

This has occurred to every one of us: you had an excellent day, and then you suddenly meet a person that destroyed it.

When encountering such people, you will have your energy levels tensed by the presence of them.

However, there are always some simple ways of getting rid of these kinds of people that invade your space. These ways are not going to piss them off too.

We will show you the three easy ways of removing other people from your personal life and space:

1. Take a deep breath and stay calm.

When a person pushes your buttons in order to disturb you, you are going to feel tempted to react. However, this goes against your cause because, when you react, the person is going to get his or her stimulus for pricking you further on. So, reacting will only perpetuate the button pushing.

This means that the next time when you feel invaded, you should take a couple of deep breaths and stay calm.

This is going to help you in focusing on some other important things in your life. It will also aid you in regaining the composure and will be a true sanity saver.

2. Give yourself a bathroom break.

Every time when you feel overwhelmed by the energy of the other person, you need to give yourself a bathroom break – the bathroom calls you! This is going to be a wonderful way to get some space, and it also permits you to keep yourself cool.

In this way, you can actually end the conversation in an easier way, which are going in circles or also very negative.

3. Less is more.

Actually, you can create some space for yourself with limiting the time which you have in hand for the other person.

You can do that with specifying the time that you have, for example, say that you have to be going in about 10 minutes.

This is going to help you in two ways: the first one is because of the shortage of time, you are only going to talk about the most significant things and the second one is that you are going to be completely free quickly from the person.

Remember that the next time you meet a person like this, instead of screaming on them for the acts they did or the words they said, you can use any of the three methods from above in order to get yourself some space.