Science Proves That Our Thoughts and Intentions Affect Our Physical World

Science Proves That Our Thoughts and Intentions Affect Our Physical World

In the current edition of unexplainable phenomena, a person, who is an alternative healer, gave some physical evidence of how our intentions and thoughts can affect our physical world.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, who is an alternative healer and researcher, is the author of the book titled “Messages from Water,” and is the one that did extensive research on how whatever a person says, feels, or listens, has a certain effect on water. According to his research, positivity has a specific power which can affect our physical reality directly. Our body consists of 60 to 75% water, so every one of us has an innate subconscious connection to it. Dr. Emoto demonstrated this through on unique experiment.

In the experiment, he filled three beakers with rice and submerged the rice in each with water. For one month period, each day, he would say “thank you” to the first beaker, "you are an idiot” to the second one, and he ignored the third beaker entirely.

When the end of the month came, the rice in the first bakers fermented well and also gave a pleasant smell, while the one which was in the second beaker turned black. Also, the third beaker which was ignored suffered the worst fate and began to rot.

You can watch the given video and see the fascinating experiment at work.

For example, if we apply the theory of Dr. Emoto in our everyday lives, it will be clear that everything that surrounds us – be it our children, plants, our pet or something else – requires a nurturing environment in order to flourish. Being criticized or ignored all of the time is the worst way of handling things around us, and the adverse effects are eventually going to start showing.

Positivity is actually the thing which has a deep effect on our body, as well as on everything around us. We have to learn to emanate positive vibes towards everything that surrounds us, as well as reap its benefits in the long run.

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