What You Can Expect From 2019, According to Your Zodiac Sign

What You Can Expect From 2019, According to Your Zodiac Sign

The past several years were intense when it comes to energy, and they forced us to do inner work, remove blockages and heal our emotional wounds. However, 2019 is all about new beginnings and expansion.

The year 2019 is going to help us heal all the wounds which remained in us, let go of the emotional weight which also remained in us, but its best focus is on expansion.

With the year 2012, we have started the 7-year cycle of opening our eyes and awakening, to become better people, to the truth and also to the beautiful reality every one of us creates.

The beginning of this year completes the 7-year cycle of awakening, and it starts a new era, utilizing the knowledge to elevate the world and make it a much better place for human beings.

Here is what this year is going to bring for each sign in the Zodiac:

1. Aries

If you were born under this sign, what you should expect during this year is that the planets will soar through the top of your chart, in that way pushing you through the top of your chart and pushing you to think big or go bigger. You should work hard and play hard, regardless of what happens in the stars.

With healing Chiron entering your sign and disruptive Uranus finally exiting your sign in March, after these eight years period, you may gather your wits and channel big ideas into something which will make a lasting effect.

2. Taurus

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, you should combine your superpowers for the win. During this year, everything would be about who you really are, and what you do with your relationships. You should nurture your closest connection as they are a big treasure.

This year will also be the one to narrow your focus. Studying and also connecting with others outside of your circle may help you make strategic and savvy ideas a reality. Once pioneering, the planet Uranus is entering this sign in March, and an eight-year cycle starts which could some of your original ideas into the big leagues or also pull you onto an entirely new path.

3. Gemini

Just because this is the sign of the twins, a partnership will come naturally to you. However, in 2019, you are going to learn important lessons about moving from lust to trust. It is not only about the ‘high’ of quick chemistry, but it is also about building relationships which last forever. That requires some level of risk which you are finally going to be prepared to take in this year. You should also clear the space for a high vibe in order to let new people enter your orbit.

4. Cancer

Although ‘green and clean’ are probably your M.O. for this year, it does not mean that you will not have fun. In fact, changing this world could become a really serious adventure for you if you are born under this sign. Your solo star will rise, and powerful partnerships may help bring your visionary ideas to new and different heights. With the entering of the planet Uranus in your collaboration corner in March for the following eight years, it will be all about teaming up with your tribe for a common cause.

5. Leo

If you were born under this sign, it would be the time to level up your game. Having the planet Jupiter in your self-expression zone, fame may come calling. However, even when you are not under the direct beams of the spotlight, you are going to be recognized for the courage and creativity, and you will also be happy to be admired for such traits. With pioneering Uranus beginning the eight-year-long visit to your professional zone, this year may take your work in an entirely new direction.

6. Virgo

If you were born under this sign, whether you move to a new address, discover your favorite place for a vacation or deepen your emotional bonds, this year will find you craving deeper roots. During 2019, connecting from the heart may bring some luck and new adventure. The planet Uranus starts an eight-year visit to your outspoken ninth house in March, which is going to encourage you to express your wider side and you will also be inspired to take bigger risks.

7. Libra

If you have a message to spread, shout it from the rooftops, or social media feeds. During 2019, all forms of communication, learning, teaching, writing or media making will be favorite for you. Your domestic sphere will also be highly active, so you may find yourself traveling between towns searching for the new neighborhood to call home. Regardless of how busy you are, you can carve out time for soul searching, because, in March, the eight-year phase of spiritual and emotional discovery is going to start.

8. Scorpio

This will be your luckiest money year after a decade or so. You will be in ‘builder’ mode because this year is going to bring a rush of productivity to your life. You may be offered to work with relocation or travel, or you may also make bold decisions to change your lifestyle. You are going to be more centered or confident, and that may attract anything from chances to make money to improved relationship prospects.

9. Sagittarius

This may be one of your best and most exciting years in more than a decade, during which you can shake off your disappointing and heavy vibes from 2018, which was a year filled with struggles and karmic lessons. Currently, you will be able to pursue your dreams in a more sensible and mature way.

10. Capricorn

Answering yourself who you are may be different several times during this year, as the planets strip away any false or also outmoded layers of your personality. There will be parts of you which you will outgrow, so this will be a significant year to let those things go. With the planet Uranus starting an eight-year-long visit to your expressive fifth house this March, you will probably shock the world by revealing some bold and new sides of yourself.

11. Aquarius

New networking of friendship will keep your world feeling brand new in this year, as team spirit will peak levels. You should choose the company you keep carefully because you are particularly empathic and you are going to soak up the energies of people just like a sponge. Also, there may be a creative or spiritual pursuit turning into more than only a hobby, particularly if you contribute your talents to a cause.

12. Pisces

During this year, you are going to find the adventure in ambition. However, this does not mean power suits or boring board meetings, even though there may be several of those in your future. As Pisces, you definitely know how you can create success with your signature stamp on it, and a heaping helping of compassion. You can look forward in order to improve your health and energy levels.

Everyone loves everything about the 12 zodiacs. Each sign has its own specific traits, strengths and weaknesses, desires and attitude towards everything in life and with people. Knowing your sign can give us a glimpse of basic characteristics, and preferences.

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