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Zodiac Constellation Vintage Diary

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What's your sign? 


EVERYONE loves everything about the 12 zodiacs. Each sign has its own specific traits, strengths and weaknesses, desires and attitude towards everything in life and with people.

Knowing your sign can give us a glimpse of basic characteristics, and preferences.

Want to give people an idea to help understand you a little better at a glance? Get this Zodiac Constellation Vintage Diary!

Write your deepest and most intimate thoughts, important dates, life events, and have a record of what a person of your sign is all about!


Product Details:
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Item Type: Notebook
  • Cover:Hard Bound
  • Cover Color: Black
  • Sheet Color: Beige
  • With Lock: No
  • Inner Pages: 96 Sheets
  • Size: 18.6cm x 12.8cm | 7.3in x 5in
  • Gender: Unisex
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