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The Power of Enlightenment: What Does It Mean And What it Offers?

by Ane Krstevska

The Power of Enlightenment: What Does It Mean And What it Offers?

According to the beliefs of some people, enlightenment is a place somewhere far from us, and it requires from us to be patient, as well as the struggle to just be close to it.

A great number of people believe that to be enlightened means that the person needs to wear a specific type of clothes, be surrounded by some kind of colored crystals, as well as follow certain practices. Such ideas can lead us to think of enlightened in this way:

Enlightenment is believed to be the newly ‘promised land’ of spirituality, the state of being which actually offers internal peace, joy, as well as happiness and satisfaction of all our wants and needs.

It is usually seen as a ‘guru’ life, the one which people consider to hold some wisdom. In order to simplify this, the quest for enlightenment can actually be the barrier of enlightenment.

If you are asking why is that so, here is the answer: the reason is that enlightenment does not mean adding anything to yourself so that you can become a better or greater person, but it is the process of having the ability to look at some things and their essence, without even attaching to them stories or labels which are actually made up by your culture, school, religion or thought. It is actually the only and simple way of reaching enlightenment.

Discard this checklist for enlightenment. It is only the mind’s concoction to cheat you out of the peace you already are. – Mooji

The word itself – enlightenment– can actually be misleading and misunderstood, as it is sometimes seen and communicated as some ‘higher’ state of being which means to be so out of reach for ordinary people. But, the truth is that enlightenment is simply a natural state. It is somewhere inside of every one of us.

We are born with that. It is not just how we can become greater, better, or wiser and more than what we are normally, but what legacies, identities, tales, as well as ideas we believe in that stop us from being the person we really are.

All you need to be is to be yourself and don’t pretend to be someone you are not. For instance, bees do not try to be bees, but they are simply bees. They do not even think about that – it is quite normal. So, why trying to be someone that you are not?

Even a stone and more easily a flower or a bird could show you the way back to the Source, to yourself. When you look at it or hold it & let it be without imposing a word or mental label on it, a sense of awe, of wonder, arises within you. Its essence silently communicates itself to you and reflects your essence back to you. – Eckhart Tolle

In order to find an easy way to enlightenment, you should start by stopping to try to be enlightened and get rid of your ego. You have to stop being spiritual as we are already spiritual beings.

A person who tries to be spiritual has probably forgotten the fact that he already is a spiritual being. You have to transcend, as well as be the observer of the ego and being spiritual. Reaching such state is enlightenment, which is what you are, in fact.

Also, you should stop acting, trying, fighting, pulling, rushing, pushing. Letting all of that go for a while, as well as taking a few deep breaths, you are going to discover that the battle inside you is the very mental noise which hides two truths:

  • You are already what you look for to reach;
  • You are in it for travel, and not a goal;
  • You are here as you want to experience something, or simply notice and be in the now and enjoy it;
  • You are not supposed to bother yourself in order to try and do those things. It is simply happening – just sit and watch it while it takes place.
Ane Krstevska

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