The Mystical Powers Of Citrine

The Mystical Powers Of Citrine

The fame of Citrine dates thousands of years. It was used by the ancient Romans, who made pretty pieces of jewelry, and some intaglio work. It is known as the most popular jewelry during the 19th c.

In the Art Deco period, which was between the first world war and the second world war, the large citrines were placed in a lot of prized pieces. Some of those pieces included the massive and elaborate Art Deco jewelry. Those pieces were worn by many Hollywood stars including Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford.

Today, this stone is not even rare, and there aren’t many things to do with that kind of jewelry.

It seems like Citrine has lost its worth. No one even takes it seriously. But, there is a full-scale renaissance for this gem. The makers choose the big gems, then cut them in a cubist way, t get more money. Now, Citrine is used by women to look more luxurious, but they can’t afford costly jewelry. If you want some jewelry on a budged with earth color, Citrine is without competition.

Mystical powers of Citrine

Citrine can be very beneficial. Like the women who wear it, so the stone has a lot of positive attributes. It can help you to improve urinary, kidney, and digestive issues. As an addition to this, it is highly beneficial when we speak about the elimination of some toxins, and affects pharmaceutical medicines.

Other benefits are a better circulatory system, cleaning the blood, and spreading the passages, so the electrical impulses to pass within the nervous system. The next improvement is on the endocrine system.

The people who are easily influenced by the outside changes, the stone citrine will provide them the energy and the force, to avoid the negative influences.
As well, this stone will stimulate the digestion, the spleen, and the function of the pancreas. So, you will have improved circulation. As a result of these benefits, it can also activate the thymus. Its effect is warming and will fortify the nerves.
Constipation and eventually removing the cellulite can be done when you soak the stone in pure water, and it will become an elixir, so with its help, the toxins will be gone.

As we already said, it can eliminate a lot of pains, and those are PMS pain and cramps. Many women can use it to soothe the pain and calm down the hormones and alleviating fatigue.

Spirituality is not an exclusion. It is regarded as a special cleaner and regenerator.
It consists some powers for self-healing, inspiration, and self-improvement. Those are its most popular properties.

The best power that it contains is the power of the sun. That power will help people to overcome depression, some fears, and phobias. People with low self-esteem can use this stone to improve their situation.  Once you start to wear it, you will feel that you look at things more optimistically, you believe in yourself. You will be secure in you, and you will take the things in your hand. Your life will move on in a better direction. What happened in the past happened; it is time to move on. Don’t stay trapped in the cage of the past. New things and events are waiting for you in the future, and the only thing that stops you from accomplishing these things is the past.

Release yourself, stay calm inside your heart, everything will be okay.
Your brain can awaken the higher mind, but with this stone, Citrine, you will succeed more quickly. Besides the fact that you will awake your higher consciousness, you will expand your awareness, and you will regard your events and information more positively.

If you struggle with verbalizing thoughts and feelings, then this gem will help you to improve your situation and have a better perception. When you have this stone near you, you can absorb and accept the information more clearly, and you will be calmer. It has the power to send the information to the right place of your brain.
Furthermore, you will be able to accept critics more quickly than you used to be. Because it will clear your mind, and you will see that we all are prone to make mistakes and that no one is perfect.

You will be provided with personal mid control, that will allow you to absorb the information regularly, and to have your emotions and feelings under control.
You will even be spontaneous, which is the result of your calmness.
It is the best stone for smoothing group discord, so you can listen to the people instead of talking across them. The peace that you will gain with the usage of Citrine, you can’t get it from anything else in the world.

You will eliminate the fear of responsibility, anger, and some destructive tendencies. You will be prone to yourself, and you will try to protect yourself. Citrine is a stone which is described as a gem that will fulfill you with warmth, energy, high creativity, and flexibility. You can experience Citrine as your friend and your mentor. It will be your supplier of joy, happiness, and a positive attitude. Citrine is the only stone around which all the negativity is forced to go away. All the good things in life will be near you if you have this stone.

Take care for your Citrine

If you have this gem at home, you need to take proper care of it. You can have it forever. You need to watch not to scratch it or hit it. As we already said, you need to take care of it not to leave it on the sun, because it is heat sensitive.
As a result of too much head, its color can fade away. Plus, it can lose its properties. When you clean it, you need to make sure that it is scorched, and steam cleaning is not recommended.

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