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Energy and Fortune Giving Citrine Quartz Crystal

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I am aligned with the Energy of Wealth and Abundance!


Nature has provided many sources of wealth and positive energy, one of which is the Citrine quartz crystal.

Citrine is transparent yellow quartz having different shades of yellow to brown. It was considered a gem in Greece for over 300 B.C because of its lustrous appearance. Its name was coined from the term 'citrion' meaning lemon.

Citrine quartz is known to carry warmth, comfort and energy. The crystals frequency stimulates creativity, imagination and ideas, transforming it into something tangible. It converts negative thoughts into positive ones. 

Also, this crystal is considered the "Merchant's Stone", as it increases the flow of wealth into its bearer and maintaining it. It is a piece that brings in fortune, success and all that is good.

The Energy and Fortune Giving Citrine Quartz Crystal is a natural crystal containing the purest power of citrine. Placing this where you keep your money such as vaults, cashboxes or purses will increase the inflow of money and reduce its outflow.


✔️Item Type: Crystal
✔️Material: Natural Citrine Quartz
✔️Size: Irregular
We do not ship to APO, FPO Addresses. 

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