The Chakra Bracelet Meaning and its Healing Capacity – Get Ready to Accomplish Your Dreams!

The Chakra Bracelet Meaning and its Healing Capacity – Get Ready to Accomplish Your Dreams!

Chakra bracelet is an accessory which is said to have healing powers. It has been worn in India for centuries. The benefits of wearing chakra healing bracelets are endless, and the most important one is that it helps us to bring awareness to our seven chakras acting as a reminder to keep them open at all of the time. Most recently, the popularity of chakra bracelets has spread around the world of fashion and cultural hot spots such as Los Angeles and Paris.

How does the chakra bracelet work?

You will only need to wear one and wait for the holistic healing to begin. Anyone can use Chakra bracelets no matter the age or gender, which makes them a very accessible medium for mental calmness and peace.

We are going to break down the seven chakra bracelet benefits and explain what they do and why your chakras need to be open and balanced.

The bracelets work by balancing the seven energies that are collectively referred to as chakras. Balanced chakras are like balanced breakfasts – they are essential for living like as healthy and happy as possible. Besides wearing the chakra bracelets for healing purposes, some people wear them purely for an aesthetic reason which makes sense as they will match just about any outfit.

The Sanskrit word chakra translates to “wheel.”

In yoga and meditation, this is referring to the wheels throughout your body which transforms into energy, throughout your entire body. The chakra bracelet often consist of seven colored charms of stones which each represents one of the seven energies that need to be balanced. The seven main chakras are the following:








Each of your seven chakras contains many psychological, emotional and spiritual states of being. It is essential to keep your chakras open and aligned to prevent and encourage proper energy flow.

It is for sure not a must that one should be undergoing any problem to experience the healing factor of the Chakra bracelet.

First Chakra – Muladhara

This is the chakra of stability and security which ties into our basic needs as human beings. It is our root chakra, and we must nurture it. We feel safe and secure when it is balanced and open.

Second Chakra – Svadhisthana

It is our creativity, as well as sexual center. Located right above the pubic bone, it is our primary source of creativity.

Third Chakra – Manipura

This is the area between your belly button and breastbone. It relates to our self-esteem and how we feel about ourselves.

Fourth Chakra – Anahata

It is also known as heart chakra is our source of love and connection to the world, as well as to other people around us. When we keep our heart chakra open, anything is possible.

Fifth Chakra – Vishuddha

This is the throat chakra. It helps us to unlock our deepest emotions and speak our highest truth. If this chakra is stagnant and the energy flow is limited, we will not be able to express our feelings openly, and that will lead to underlying resentment and discontent.

Sixth Chakra – Ajna

Also known as the third eye, it relates to our intuition, as well as our ability to listen to our gut instinct. We all can listen to our intuition but to get in touch with that ability that we need to have an open chakra.

Seventh Chakra – Sahaswara

This is the last one, and it is located at the top or crown of the head, and it helps us to achieve spiritual connection and self-awareness. If you ever forget and need a reminder, simply look at your wrist and focus on opening your seventh chakra.

Becoming aware of our chakras is the first step to balancing them.

Since our lives are in such a state of imbalance, we will need to constantly focus on keeping them open. Fully understanding what each of the benefits and meaning of chakras will help us with we will understand where our imbalances may lie. Also, wearing a reminder like the chakra bracelets can also help us to achieve mind/body awareness.

To get the most out of Chakra bracelet use requires you to be mindful of how you wear it. Keep them clean, and any foreign debris should be removed so as not to disturb any of the energies.

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