The 5 Sixth Senses That We've Always Had But Have Never Been Aware Of Them

The 5 Sixth Senses That We've Always Had But Have Never Been Aware Of Them

Having a sixth sense could be terrifyingly creepy, and we can understand that better if we watch the mystery movie from 1999 with Bruce Willis. In this particular case, the sixth sense is the capacity of seeing ghosts.

But, there are many other things to the sixth sense which most of us don’t know, and it isn’t always eerie. They don’t only exist in several people, but they are present in many of us. The sixth sense is more like a superpower which we never knew about as we never really paid much attention to it.

Every human being is superhuman. Furthermore, a person can use his or her senses in many different ways than he or she ever knew.

Here are some of the sixth senses that we always had, but we never really noticed, as we never pay attention:

1. Our skin has the ability to smell, and even heal itself.

When we were young, we were told that human beings can smell by using their nose. But, what many of us don’t know is the fact that the identical olfactory receptors which give our nose the ability to smell are present in some other body parts, like the liver, heart, gut, and even the skin.

In one experiment which the Ruhr University Bochum in Germany conducted, there were some tests done on how the principal skin cell type named keratinocytes is going to react to some scents. The researchers cloned the receptor and then exposed it to different odors of an ancient East Asian perfume, Sandalwood, or healing agent which is usually utilized in aromatherapy.

They discovered that rather than sending messages to their brain, just like the case with their nose, several of those scents prompted the keratinocytes to start dividing and migrating, just like they are actually healing themselves. They even discovered that the olfactory receptors in the skin aren’t receptive as much as the ones from the nose. In order for the process of healing to work, a person needs to have a much higher concentration of the scents than normal levels. However, that may be quite dangerous and harmful for our nose.

2. Know whether the water is cold or hot by simply listening to it.

We have probably never really noticed this as we have been paying more attention to other things, but we can actually know whether the water is cold or hot, even with our back turned, simply by listening to it.

According to an experiment which was conducted by Steve Mould, a presenter at British Science, it was proven that there is definitely a difference in sounds which hot and also cold water make, and humans have the capacity to identify it. According to Mould, the heat is energizing the molecules, in that way changing the liquids’ viscosity, causing high-frequency sounds when poured. The molecules of cold water, on the other hand, which will be less energized, will stick together, making low-pitched sounds.

3. Human beings are able to hear much better than fish when underwater.

Every day, we have the capacity to hear frequencies of just 20 kilohertz or more. This is pitiful in comparison to some other mammals. Dogs, for instance, can hear up to 40 kilohertz, which bats 110 kilohertz. However, we aren’t that pathetic when underwater. According to one research, the hearing capability of divers enhances once they take the plunge. This happens as they begin hearing with the help of their bones.

When underwater, sound waves will usually take a shortcut in the bone conduction process, unlike in normal hearing, where we hear through air conduction, and the air obstructs the hearing. As one study claims, as there isn’t air to obstruct the sound waves underwater, the sound goes straight to the so-called mastoid, a bone which is behind the ear. In this way, we have the ability to hear up to 200 kilohertz, which is ten times than on land.

4. We can see our hands when it is dark.

We have all probably been in a situation where our hands were guiding us in the darkness of some room. But, the question is, why we couldn’t see anything else but our hands? Well, that is an amazing capacity which our nervous system has.

According to one study which was conducted by scientists from Vanderbilt and Rochester Universities, humans are able to see shadows of the hands even if they cover their eyes with something, or in total darkness. According to them, the ability of our nervous systems does this in order to establish some connections.

For many people, the connection which happens between the movement of their hands and their image become quite strong that they are able to see their visual image, although they occlude their eyes.

5. Still “seeing” after going blind.

According to one study, the eyes of blind people are still able to see. In the same research, the blind man has been tasked to pass a complicated maze of chairs and boxes, and he had the ability to pass them without crashing into any of those obstructions. This is something that scientists refer to as blindsight.

In most of the cases, our eyes will not be the principal reason why we go blind, but our brain. Normally, all the information will pass through the retina into the visual cortex, and then it relays all the messages to our brain.

According to another study, blind individuals can see emotions, making the researchers believe that it’s empathy and not a visual mimicry which permits people actually to mirror other people’s emotions.

In fact, human bodies are really blessed with many other senses than the ones we know, giving us the ability to adapt ourselves to various environments. The mysteries from above are just five of all those mysteries that our bodies hide. Even scientists will agree that many people have superhuman strengths, but they aren’t able to unlock them.