8 Ways To Help Us Calm Our Overactive Mind

8 Ways To Help Us Calm Our Overactive Mind

There are times when we go to sleep, and numerous thoughts start flowing through our mind all of a sudden. We also constantly think about some random thought during the day.

As the Law of Attraction says, we are going to receive everything that is primarily on our mind. If our mind produces non-random and chaotic thoughts, then that is what we are going to attract in our lives.

Even in the world of dreams, our predominate worries and thoughts are going to be reflected.

However, there are some ways in which can calm our overactive mind. They are the following:

Our body is our temple

Diets which are high in caffeine and sugar content can affect our thought process. Fluoridated water calcifies our pineal gland or the Third-Eye Chakra. GMO causes tumors, according to laboratory testing. Great amounts of alcohol are going to magnify any problem we think about, so we should avoid excessive consumption of alcohol if our mind is overactive. We should also avoid stimulants. We should take care of what we eat and drink as these things play into our vibratory levels, and are going to affect how we think or also what we think about. And, the most important thing would be to listen to our body.

Eliminate the clutter

One of the easiest ways we can calm the overactive mind is eliminating the clutter. Many of the thoughts on our mind are particularly related to money economic problems. Maybe it would be time to change our job or find another job which we really love.  We should ask ourselves about what we would do in our life if money doesn’t exist. After traveling or having fun, we are going to do something we love doing. In this way, we will eliminate all the clutter which made our mind overactive, and we will find some ways to also make incomes from it, or we will have the ability to quit our present job.


According to a lot of experts, physicians, scientists, and researchers, and even ordinary people, a healthy body is a healthy mind. This means that if we physically have the ability to do something, then we should find some ways to include exercises into our everyday routine.


One common excuse which people constantly give about why they don’t practice meditation is that they do not have enough time. People watch TV more than they visit their neighbors and friends. They prefer to be programmed instead of using the time constructively and practicing meditation. Another such excuse is that their mind is overactive and they find it hard to clear the predominant thoughts on it. A lot of different meditation styles exist, and we should experiment with all of them, in order to find a compatible way to eliminate the clutter and create a way in which we can find our inner peace instead.

Escape time

On our days off, we should learn how we can escape time. When we learn how we can do it, we will also get away from the matrix which keeps every one of us entrapped as some economic slaves, so this is going to help us eliminate the thought process of our overactive mind, as it will have one less thing to think about.

Start a dream diary or a journal

Starting a dream diary or a journal will be an excellent way to get rid of the continuous thoughts’ flow. When we write down things, we can provide ourselves with a straightforward outlet in order to help us eliminate all the clutter present in our mind.

Connecting with nature.

We should find some time in order to connect with our nature, whether it would be taking a walk at the seacoast or in the forest, or wherever we will feel our inner peace. While we are in nature, we should avoid thinking about daily life and just appreciate what our environment provides for us. We should listen to the sound of the wind or birds’ singing. We should pay attention to what bird or other animal sound do we hear.

Live in the present moment.

When our mind is overactive, we will continuously think about our future or past. However, when we live in the present, we are going to have the ability to release the things which we can’t control. Also, this does not mean that we are not going to be aware of what occurs or what will occur in the future. In fact, it would be a realization that our past can’t change and that our future has not happened yet, so there is no need to waste our time thinking about them.

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