The 10 Extraordinary Behaviors Specific for Empaths: Is Being an Empath a Blessing or a Curse?

The 10 Extraordinary Behaviors Specific for Empaths: Is Being an Empath a Blessing or a Curse?

A lot of people in the world start realizing that they might be empaths. This can be a blessing, but also a curse.

Once we learn how we can protect ourselves, we are going to find it easier to traverse the world without being energetically destroyed every day.

These are the ten strange behaviors we will have if we are authentic empaths:

1. We take on the energy of other people.

We cannot avoid it. This will be an essential trait of being empaths. We innately feel the energy and emotions of other people, and then we start to mirror the same emotions. When someone is crying, it will make us cry too.

When someone around us is angry, we can feel the anger burning through our aura. When someone around us is fearful or negative, or fearful, we start to sink low with that person, and we cannot seem to do anything to stop that.

Well, when we become aware that this is not the norm, we are already halfway finding the way to deal with our special abilities.

2. High natural intuition.

Empaths have authentic skills that average people don’t. So, those of us who are empaths feel things physically. We know what other people feel just by seeing them. We can talk to someone and know his or her intentions without even hearing them.

We understand how those people feel as if they were an extension of ourselves. Our intuition never shuts down.

3. People drain us easily.

Sometimes, this may be the biggest stressor for empaths. When we are around others, we are very open and giving with the energy that we take on the problems of other people. This will leave us feeling tired.

When we are constantly around others, willingly handing out our energy, we may even find ourselves with nothing left for ourselves. We become more and more drained, so it is impossible for us to be around others. Something has to be changed for sure. The best things we can do are pull back and stop handing out our energy so easily, so others cannot drain us.

4. We attract people that are broken.

Those people that search for energy may sense that we are willing to hand it out for free. They can approach us in public places as we are sending out a message which says that we are willing to give our time to strangers and offer them help.

This can be great unless we run out of energy. When empaths start ignoring strangers, with problems, they magically stop approaching them. They don’t sense their energy anymore. This means that we were not put on the planet Earth to heal everyone around us.

5. Crowded places have negative effects on us.

This can sound quite strange to a lot of people, but not to those that are empaths. Cities, events, crowded room, or also parties may overload our senses. Crowds are a nightmare for empaths.

Someone aggressive passing by our side may feel like an energetic slap to our face.

6. Our location of living is significant.

Empaths usually feel the pain of the world, every time they want to or don’t want to. A lot of empaths decide to live in regions where the population is smaller, and the levels of energy are no longer off the charts.

Living in a highly active area may drain us. We would prefer to walk in a lonely place in order to recharge our batteries.

7. We are quite sensitive.

This is definitely the most typical traits of empaths. Some empaths can even feel certain physical symptoms which are often connected to what other people around their experience.

When there is some unpleasant scene on TV, we might leave the room if we cannot bear to see or also feel it.

8. We usually know when people lie.

We know when someone lies to us. There is not going to be the need to second guess ourselves. We are not sure how we know, but we know it immediately. Empaths are people who know who they should trust and who they should never rely on. It is very easy for them.

9. Emotional healing is our gift.

Because of our endless compassion and also the time given to the problems of other people, we are healing them. This will be why we attract others that are in desperate need of healing.

We have to focus this particular ability on our loved ones, and not on others, as not everyone deserves our healing. We should utilize our gifts when we feel the need to.

10. We ignore our problems.

Empathic people are professions when it comes to ignoring their own problems. They get really caught up in healing other people, and they never get the chance to talk about their problems.

We, as empaths, carry the weight of our problems together with us everywhere we go. We know how we can handle the problems of other people, except for our own problems. At a certain point we break down, and all of our emotions will come out.

We have to learn how we can take care of our own problems when they appear. They should not be stuffed away.

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