People with a Twisted Sense of Humor are More Intelligent and Have Better Emotional Stability

People with a Twisted Sense of Humor are More Intelligent and Have Better Emotional Stability

Sometimes, you have probably thought that some people that have a dark sense of humor may be quite different from the rest of us. Well, you are probably right, as some experts have just made a chilling agreement that is going to make you believe that people with a dark sense of humor are weirdos. However, scientists agree that the dark sense of humor could probably be a sign of superior intelligence.

Sometimes, dark jokes may not be funny, and sometimes they may be even morbid and grotesque, but their effect is always strong on people. Those people who have a dark sense of humor may be unwanted in some social circles and, you may also find yourself agitated by them or witnessing how they ruin your own reputation.

However, according to some experts, there is nothing wrong with them, but quite the opposite. In fact, the new study which was published by the ‘Cognitive Processing’ journal, presents the discovery of a connection between dark humor and a heightened sense of intelligence. After all, it looks like people with dark humor are just outbursting their intelligence, as well as their cynism in a way to criticize the negativity in the world.

The study has been conducted by a research team of the Medical University of Vienna, and it was led by Ulrike Willinger. They also assembled a group of 156 people with an average age of 33, including 76 women and 80 men. Each of the participants in the research was shown a series of 12 cartoons of a dark, as well as twisted nature by the renowned German cartoonist Uli Stein, and they were asked to evaluate them on their level of comprehension and enjoyment.

The participants also underwent testing for both verbal, as well as non-verbal IQ, and answering questions relating to aggression levels, mood, and educational background.

With the use of all of the information which was collected from the research, the researchers had the ability to divide the participants into three different groups. Here they are:

1. The first group.

The first group had the highest level of appreciation for dark, as well as twisted humor. The members of this group also scored the highest incomprehension, as well as verbal and non-verbal IQ, and they were better educated in general and scored lower on aggression and bad moods.

2. The second group.

While the second group still scored moderately well on comprehension, they also enjoyed the dark humor the least of the three groups. The members of this group were found to have an average level of intelligence combined with some higher levels of aggression and negative moods too.

3. The third group.

As the second group, the third group showed an average level of intelligence. They have scored much lower in aggression levels, and they were also generally found to be experiencing positive moods. When the members of this last group were asked about the comics, they were found to have a moderate comprehension and appreciation.