Pay Attention to These 7 Things and Decode the Messages from the Universe

Pay Attention to These 7 Things and Decode the Messages from the Universe

Have you ever asked the Universe to show you some signs if something is about to occur or if something is good or bad for you? People are in desperate need of communicating with the Universe, but usually, we do not know how, or even worse, we do not know how to read the signs from it.

Sometimes, we return to our past and think to ourselves: “I should have known, as this or that had occurred and it was a sign!” The good news actually is that there are some ways to be in tune with the Universe, as well as to understand what the message is.

The signs are everywhere around us if we know where and how to look for them, how to see, as well as how to listen. Sometimes, we receive some messages about good things, but we usually receive messages about bad things too. It is excellent to be aware of them.

Here are the ten things to which you should pay attention so that you will decode the messages from the Universe:

1. You have increased intuition.

When you are more open and more aware of what happens around you, it means that you trust what your intuition says to you. Our intuition is in a strong relationship with the Universe. So, if you have a sudden good or bad feeling about something, for instance, some place or someone, you should stop and read your thoughts carefully. There is always a reason why we feel the way we feel, as everything is made of energy and everything holds its own vibration.

Some of those vibrations make us feel good while others make us feel uneasy. This usually happens as we interact with everything and everyone around us. We exchange energies. Sometimes, just a simple look in the eyes of someone or their body language will give away a lot of clues.

Or, when you go to some place, the colors, the environment, as well as the people in that place affect your own vibration in a positive or negative way. If you suddenly have an unexplained good or bad feeling, you should not be so quick to dismiss it. It is perhaps a sign from the Universe.

2. You believe in yourself and in the Universe too.

Sometimes, we suddenly lose our skeptical side. We see that we have more faith and we feel spiritually higher and mentally clearer. When the Universe sends us some messages, it also sends us faith.

In fact, that faith does not have to be religious, and most of the time it is not religious. It is actually a feeling that we are not able to describe but we know it exists, and it is there for some particular reason. We simply believe that not because we have to but because we simply realize that it is the right thing.

3. You are more open to receiving answers.

When we exactly know how to trust, and when we completely surrender ourselves to the Universe, we can become more open to receiving answers. It is very important to be in the present moment, as well as to be completely free of worries and fears, as well as judgments most importantly. Judgments cloud our intuition and also block the receivers. You have to tell yourself that you are ready to receive whatever comes on your way and you are going to accept it. You will be ready to accept it.

4. You can easily notice little changes.

Sometimes, some people describe certain situations with great accuracy, and it makes your jaw drop. You will probably wonder how they notice such little things. People who trust their gut feelings and who are open to receive can easily notice little details, as well as changes.

At any given moment, things are happening to get our attention. Sometimes, we are too busy to look at them or to listen to them, and sometimes we do not even care about them at all. When you start receiving some signs from the Universe, you are going to see that you are going to be more aware of every little detail around you.

5. You notice recurring events or repeating numbers.

If you haven’t noticed this the first time, you are certainly going to notice it when it happens again and again and again. For instance, some people see 11:11 constantly. They find themselves checking the clock exactly at that time, without even knowing that and then they realize that it occurred again. It can be any other number.

Sometimes, certain events keep repeating so that you could think much of it in the start but now that you keep seeing the same thing, you will probably ask yourself what it means for you. Certainly, it is a way in which the Universe sends you codes to decipher.

6. You hear a song, or you see an image or a word in print.

Sometimes, when you think of someone, and you suddenly see an ad, there is something on it that reminds you of that person. Or maybe that person calls you. Sometimes, you think of something, and a very suitable song for that situation happens to play on the radio.

Perhaps you were thinking of your loved one who passed, and the song was their favorite one. Then maybe this person was trying to establish a communication with you in some way. You think of a place, and on TV you see something about that place.

If you do not have the ability to understand why it is happening at the moment, you should write it down and mark the time and date. You are probably going to see more signs relating to that same thing, and you will start understanding why it occurs.

7. Negative remarks from others.

This can happen for two main reasons: either the Universe tries to show us the true identity of someone by revealing it through their own words towards us, or these remarks are a sign that we are getting ourselves into some unpleasant or maybe risky situation.

During times like this, we lose our better judgment as we are not open. What is advised is to pay attention to negative things as much as we pay attention to the positive ones.