Synchronicity and the Power Of 11:11 — Pay Attention to the Unique Message That the Universe Is Giving You!

Synchronicity and the Power Of 11:11 — Pay Attention to the Unique Message That the Universe Is Giving You!

Does synchronicity really exist or it is just a concept without any certain prove? What do you think? This is a question that bothers the humankind for so long, but those that are determined enough to ‘investigate’ the case, will see that synchronicity is really there, it exists, but maybe it is a different notion than what we already thought.

Synchronicities refer to the law of unity that we are all in contact through our unconscious.  

There is no distinction between you, me, anyone or anything. Any movement, no matter how small or big it is, is eventually going to be felt by us all.

One of the greatest contributors to the answer to this question is definitely one of the most popular, as well as greatest psychologists and behavioral scientists of all time, named Dr. Carl Jung. Actually, he is the first one of the scientists that denominate, as well as standardize the modern term ‘synchronicity.’

The most precise and basic concept of synchronicity is actually forged by this great scientist. When most people think that synchronicity is connected with the mystical powers of the universe, Carl Jung teaches us that the first, as well as most important thing about synchronicity is that it is based on our own intuition, energy, and power.

Carl Jung is the one that coined the concept of synchronicity. It basically meant that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they happen with no relationship, yet they seem to be meaningfully related. Synchronicity is our subconscious communicating with us. It is our Higher Self that gives us a message.

Because of our ego consciousness, we do not notice the messages. Once we expand our field of vision, we will see these messages. Synchronicity also connects us to the unknown and weaves us into it.

In order to accept it in our lives, first of all, we have to make the alert choice to live as honestly, as well as authentically as we can.

This does not mean that we lose the ability to make conscious choices about our own lives – but rather if we make some choices which are for the good of ourselves and the universe, then our souls are going to be rewarded by signs telling us that we are on the right way.

In order to make our greatest dreams come true, as well as attract good karma in our lives, we need to be faithful first, then the rest of the things which are supposed to determine ourselves as good, worthy and positive. If we want to go down this way, then we need to accept the natural existence of synchronicity.

Once we manage to change our mindset, as well as see the things with different eyes, we are going to learn to read the signs that the universe gives us. Synchronicity is going to become one of our strongest boosters in life, and it is going to help us to make the tough decisions.

However, we need to be fully aware that there is no pattern of synchronicity. It is a different story for every one of us. Some powerful signs, like 11:11, are common for everyone, but the numerical synchronicities are maybe the oldest concept, and they are fully connected to the energy of the universe.

You will learn what those numerical signs mean to you, as well as what kind of message does the universe send, but you will also learn to acknowledge and read the other unique signs. All you need to do is to have faith, as well as invest more in your spiritual growth.

Image Credit: Tomoki Hayasaka