Our Eyes are Mirrors to Our Souls: The Secrets Behind Human Connections

Our Eyes are Mirrors to Our Souls: The Secrets Behind Human Connections

It has been said that with our eyes, we build bridges to the souls of other people. That is quite true. The eyes are considered the mirror of the soul, and that is what defines every person, among the other personality traits that it has.

The eyes are something that is between the physical and spiritual, and they have a huge spiritual meaning, as well as the significance and they are, perhaps, one of the most appreciated human organs in the history of spirituality.

But, we will not talk about the spiritual power of the eye and its symbolism in spirituality. We are going to talk about emotions, as well as feelings; connectivity …we have all heard the saying that the strongest connection is the love at first sight.

People say that you can feel the energy flows which are so strong and it all starts with just one look. This could be only magnetic eye contact. Magnetic eye contact is a rare occurrence. People that reside on the same spiritual level usually feel an insane pull between them.

The magnetic eye contact also gives us a better look into the connectivity between humans, as well as the interexchange of energy between our auras. We are drawn to each other, but some of us are drawn to certain people more than the rest of us are.

Your spiritual magnetism has to be devoid of sinister energies, so that it will be used for healing, as well as helping purposes. How can you actually do that? You can accomplish this by practicing kindness, as well as hospitality and so on. They weaken your self-ego, as well as empower you to attract the right people and things in your life.

When you learn how to manage your spiritual magnetism, as well as control your auras, you will have the ability to fully understand the magnetic eye connection, and if you are spiritually developed enough, you can even control it. They also say that the famous Russian antagonist from the October Revolution, Rasputin, controlled, as well as manipulated people only with the use of the magnetic energy of his eyes.

But, if you are dedicated, as well as determined to improve yourself on a spiritual and emotional level, you will have the ability to secure a smooth flow of the magnetic energy. This actually means that definitely, you will not catch a bad eye.

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