How to Harness Sexual Energy to Create What You Want

How to Harness Sexual Energy to Create What You Want

Learn how to harness your energy in order create all your desire, through the process of “sexual transmutation.”

The fact is you are already using your intrinsic energy to create the life you live. But chances are you are using it ineffectively and your energy is weak because it’s being spread thin amongst other activities. When you harness your energy as its strongest source and channel it in a focused way, it will be possible for you create anything!

This is Level 2 Video 6 of the Project Yourself Course:

This technique works with “sex energy” to transform it into manifestation. You may be familiar with this type of transmutation if you read Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, originally published in the 30s; but the theory extends back even further to Taoist and other Eastern traditions.

Believe it or not, sexual transmutation takes place on the cellular level and promotes channeling the intense energy of the mulabandha/sacral/second chakra into making love to your true purpose in life instead of having a bunch of sex and/or masterbating all the time. Makes sense.

But not to worry, in the Project:Yourself course, you’ll learn how to harness your sexual energy without having to give up sex. . .  like Nikola Tesla did! The process of sexual transmutation takes all of the extraordinary vibrating shakti within you and transmutes it into reality bending powers to use as you create all the good you want in love and life.

This practice encourages you to go within and draw resources from your purest, most primal source of energy; and use the energy to fuel the creative expression of your craft, your art, your studies, your business, and your success.

This technique is used as a means to gain self-liberation, and through the practice of vairagya, reducing our attachment to outward activity, we become completely unattached from the material world (maya). This is a powerful way to recognize your true Self and figure out your true purpose as a human being.