The Final Lesson Buddha Left For Humanity Before He Died

The Final Lesson Buddha Left For Humanity Before He Died

Buddha, together with his spiritual teachings, is still popular among us. They have caused a huge effect, as well as influence on both the Western and Eastern civilization.

Buddha, as well as his spiritual teachings, helped a lot of people to find their path. His methods and rules are the basis for all of the westerns that want to grow spiritually. His wise lessons still teach humanity how to be better, or at least, how to be less destructive to themselves, as well as to their beautiful planet.

In today’s article, we are going to share one interesting story with you about Buddha and about the things he said to his students in his last lesson. He called all of his monks, and he told them to be mindful and of pure virtue. Ananda, who was his assistant, dared to ask Buddha what is going to come of the Order in case the Buddha passed away. Then, Buddha had replied that he preached the Truth without any difference and he told his monks, as well as to Ananda to always, no matter what happens, teach the truth.

Buddha told his monks that with the death of his body nothing is going to change, but his spirit is going to live among them, and they are supposed to use the energy, as well as motivation to spread the truth. He also told his monks and Ananda that they must be lambs. They should never let their physical or emotional urges blind their decisions, as well as for their way to enlightenment.

He also taught them that they should pick up every refuge and be the refuge. Buddha also told them that the truth is everywhere and they should spread the teachings all over the world. He normally died, just like every other human being. Buddha also predicted his death. One of his disciples remarked the following:

All must depart—all beings that have life must shed their compounded forms. Yes, even a Master such as He, a peerless being, powerful in Wisdom and Enlightenment, even He must pass away.

The last message of Buddha was the following:

When I am gone, my Teaching shall be your Master and Guide.

Finally, his parting words were actually his last lesson:

Appamadena Sampadetha Vaya Dhamma Sankhara. – Meaning: Work diligently. Material things are impermanent.

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