Affirmations, Visualization and Manifesting — How to Use Them To Bring Positive Changes

Affirmations, Visualization and Manifesting — How to Use Them To Bring Positive Changes

Affirmative words are going to help us in focusing upon the positives, as well as escaping a fearful mindset. These words can also heal our thoughts and bring us some positive reality into life. What we believe, as well as expect is what we actually experience. 

Law of Cause and Effect – Karma – everything that we see or believe eventually becomes a physical reality. 

Karma is the law of moral causation. The theory of Karma is a fundamental doctrine in Buddhism. It is the action, work or deed of a person and also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions can influence the future of that individual.

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But, if the wavers of our faith or our desires, aims, as well as dreams continuously flit from one image to the other, our external reality is going to reflect this fear and confusion.

Visualizations can come to our realities immediately if our minds accept them as some kind of possibility. But, when feeling undeserving or afraid, we will try to force our dream into reality.

Then, visualizations are going to become pressure-filled and tense, and such tension can block the purpose that comes to fruition. When we visualize and believe in our goals entirely, there is an excellent possibility that it will come about.

Limiting beliefs of not being able to achieve something or not being good enough to accomplish something, will put some tension on our visualization which is going to stop us from manifesting the inner visions, as well as desires.

Fake thoughts or feelings and beliefs of not having enough money, time, connections, intelligence, education and so on, or everything that keeps us from even trying to achieve our goals and life aims, will put a halt to positive visualizations which come into reality.

Metaphysically, we have the ability to create everything that we want to. We will concentrate and focus on something that will always manifest into the physical plane. This is actually the Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect.

Manifestations always require trust and faith. As human beings, we often have more faith in that our fears are going to turn into reality, instead of having more faith in our aspirations and dreams becoming a reality.

Every single thing in the material, as well as the physical world, is actually a reflection of our beliefs and thoughts.

Visualizations can immediately come into our reality when our minds accept this as a possibility. But, when we feel undeserving or afraid, we often try to force the dreams into reality.

We have the ability to effortlessly manifest the needs with the use of our affirmations, faith, and visualizations.

  • How to use affirmations in order to bring positive changes?

The most important key to eliminate insecurities and establish a habit of self-love is using affirmations.

  • Using words, we should express what we really want and who we honestly want to be; after that, we should repeat those words or phrases again and again until our subconscious mind accepts them as a fact, so that our behavior is going to follow accordingly;
  • With the use of affirmations, we can think ourselves stronger, more handsome, more powerful and strong; prettier, more patient and positive, kinder, more confident and courageous – everything is going to help us love ourselves even more;
  • There is a logical but usually overlooked reason why affirmations can work: they are direct communication with our soul mind, and that soul mind, with the external wisdom and knowledge, always recognized, as well as resonates with the reality;
  • One effective way of reinforcing affirmations and the most profound wishes we have is to write them down in the form of ‘Letters to the Universe.’ These letters can actually be addressed to God, Universe and Spirit Guides or Angels – everyone that we feel most intimately connected to our own Divine power. We should include a lot of affirmations in the letters. We should write down what we really want, which includes our emotional, physical, as well as spiritual wishes – the most rewarding life is a balance of these three.

Adapting some positive perspectives will change negative thought-forms to positive ones. Using the positive affirmations is actually a way of achieving a positive attitude and frame of mind. Verbal declarations are another way.

The voices and words which we use will send a vibration and energy out to the Universe. With the use of positive words, as well as declarations, we will send out positive energies.

Affirming, as well as declaring positively will also help us to break the habit of negative thought forms, beliefs, and patterns.

Declare your affirmations with determination and state your intentions loud, as well as clear and with real meaning. Put your soul and heart into it.