6 Easy Ways To Raise Positive Vibrations In Your Home

6 Easy Ways To Raise Positive Vibrations In Your Home

Sometimes, when we walk into our home, we are going to feel heavy energy which we do not want it to be present, and even thinking about going home and feeling it makes us anxious.

When our home is full of good vibes, it will affect us physically and mentally. There are going to be several misunderstandings and arguments. There is going to be more laughing, smiling and loving. When our home is full of good vibrations, happiness will be the keyword. It can activate our creative juice.

Here are the six things which are going to help us restore good energies in our homes:

1. Burn sage or incense.

Burning incense or herbs will remove unwanted energies from our home. Experts recommend to burn sage or incense after we had an argument and after we had a negative person in our home environment. In this way, it is going to clear out the negative energies for sure.

We can clean our home out with some incense or with sage smudging stick, walking with it through every room and waving it in the clockwise motion. We may even say “this home is full with positive energies and unconditional love, and the negative energy should leave it.” We can imagine the negative energies going out, while positive energies and white light fill our home.

2. Crystals.

When we have crystals in our home, they will definitely help us in keeping it full with good energies. However, we should cleanse them too, in order to enhance the healing properties they possess, and we can cleanse them if we put them in sunlight or moonlight frequently. We should attempt cleansing them during a Full Moon too.

3. Essential oils.

This is another excellent way of keeping good vibrations in our space – using wonderful and fresh smells. These oils possess their characteristics and qualities, which are based on our mood. Among the favorite ones is the Frankincense essential oil, as a lot of people find it excellent in relieving stress and calming. We could even dab essential oil all around our bed frame or bedside lamp.

4. Plants.

Some planets are also beneficial to our home. There are those that will purify the air in our home. They will also make our home welcoming and beautiful.

5. Clutter.

We should remove our clutter. We should go through every room in our home and organize it. Every single thing should have its designated place where it will be placed or stored. We should release ourselves of things which don’t have any value for us anymore. When we haven’t utilized something for years, we will definitely not use it now, or ever again in the future. We can give such things to charities. The life cycle gets rid of something old in order to make space for something new, such as new products or ideas to continue flowing.

6. Fresh air.

We should air our home on a daily basis. We can exchange some old air for some new. With this, we will notice that we are not feeling so tired as we did before. Our home has to be constantly aired out during the winter season too.

When we clear out all the clutter, we are going to have our mind cleared too.

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