5 Signs from the Universe Indicating that You are Heading Towards Burnout, Anxiety, Confusion and Mood Swings

5 Signs from the Universe Indicating that You are Heading Towards Burnout, Anxiety, Confusion and Mood Swings

When we are not in balance, life always finds its way of taking over and running away with us. This usually happens when all of those emotional stresses, work stresses, financial stresses, as well as lifestyles stresses, start piling up and become a hot mess just waiting to occur.

When these types of stresses reach the point of overflow, usually it leads to extreme burnout, fatigue, and even depression in some cases, which can be challenging to recover from. This is the reason why it is important to observe the signs and do something about them before they start to pile up.

On an energetic level, a lot of people store stresses in their solar plexus and heart chakras. When such chakras become overloaded, it can lead to anxiety attacks, as well as absentmindedness, confusion, frustration and mood swings.

Also, physical symptoms can manifest, like skin conditions, muscle tension, tummy aches, indigestion and just a general feeling of tiredness.

If you head towards burnout and take on far too much, usually the Universe is going to intervene and send you some signs on your way, which include the following:

1. You have dreams where you search for something which you cannot find, or you are lost.

Dreams in which you are trying to chase or find something are usually a sign that you have to slow down, as well as find some time to rest. The act of trying to find your way or find something usually indicated that you are doing too much and that you are maybe finding it hard to catch up or stay on track. Such dreams can also indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed and overburdened with what is on your plate.

2. You stub your toe, or you have some other careless accidents.

Some easily preventable accidents are another indication that you have to slow down and maybe take it easy. They could also an indication that you have to stop and think about something more before rushing ahead. If you have a dream of stubbing your toe or hurting yourself one too many times, it could be the way of the Universe of slowing you down and making you think twice before you move ahead on something.

3. You forget appointments or commitments which you made.

If you forget some appointments or you have to break commitments which you made, it may be an indication that you are overloading your plate and maybe trying to do too much. While sometimes it is normal to forget things, having this occurring constantly, or with things which are important, it could be an indication that you are maybe trying to cram too much into your day.

4. You feel constantly overwhelmed and not appreciated.

When you say yes to everyone or to everything, it can sometimes be hard to break the habit. Eventually, doing some things to please other people, as well as always saying yes to everyone but yourself can cause you to feel not appreciated and overwhelmed. This can sometimes lead to feelings of anxiety, and can also make you lose sight of your aims. If you feel this way, it is very important to look at your schedule, as well as see what you can release and remove to give yourself more.

5. The things which brought you joy no longer do.

If you love to cook, but then you find that it has turned into a chore, or maybe if you love yoga class, but now you cannot bring yourself to go, it could probably be as you are doing a lot and you have consequently lost your energy and your enthusiasm.

If this resonates, and you find yourself avoiding the hobbies that you once enjoyed, it can probably be an indication that you have to take some time out to rest, as well as recharge your batteries.

What is more, if you have read this article and you wonder if you have to slow down and do less, it is maybe a sign that you do.

If you are on track towards a burnout, it is quite important that you take some time to rest, check in with yourself, as well as make some adjustments.

Essentially, the most liberating thing which you can do for yourself is to clear your schedule of things which are weighing you down and learn how to say ‘no’ to people, as well as to particular tasks in your life.

Also, it may be that you have to offload some of the tasks to the people around you. There is nothing wrong with delegating tasks or with seeking outside support.

Additionally, there are some energy healing techniques which you can do to help recharge your aura. Some of them include working with crystals and the innate healing power of your hands.

Regular aura cleansing can also make an enormous difference when it comes to helping protect your energy levels, as well as reducing the chances of burnout.

Getting your priorities in order is the key. With keeping your schedule light and free of heavy burdens, as well as an obligation, and letting go of the notion which says that you have to be “busy” and say yes to everything and everyone, can go a long way in helping you to lead a healthy as well as balanced and peaceful life.

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