5 Levels of Higher Consciousness to Evolve and Reach Your Full Potential This Winter

5 Levels of Higher Consciousness to Evolve and Reach Your Full Potential This Winter

In nature, each season has its meaning, and people may also follow the energies of those seasons in order to grow with them, and fight against them. If you live in a place where it is currently winter, particularly in places in which the temperature drops gently and the snow already fell, it will be time to rest and heal. Winter season will invite you to slow down, as well as appreciate solitude, seek warmth and not forget to play.

If you plan to follow the lead of anyone during this season, you should follow nature, together with its guidance. During the cold winter season, nature is always still; a lot of animals hibernate, while others huddle together and patiently wait for the spring season to come.

It will be equally important to focus on solitude as it will be to take part in loving communities, while you also take care of some things which make your life easier, such as harmonious home and improved health.

1. Communities: reaching out to other people.

Communities are the source of enormous support, and in the colder winter months, it will be easier and also more needed to reach out to other people – don’t be afraid to depend on other people when you need that.

For example, when you are sick, you will probably need a neighbor or a friend to bring you soup or herbal medicine, if you are feeling the winter blues – also, you will need someone to watch movies with. For certain communities, it is especially important to stay in touch.

It is a chance to reach out to more people, invite them over for dinner, create a holiday or just-because gatherings.

2. Healing and solitude.

Due to the cold weather and the small amount of sunshine, the chances are that you are going to stay inside more often. This will be an excellent time to dream, rest, as well as explore your soul. Taking some time for yourself only is going to provide the time which you need to heal – if there is anything to heal or brainstorm your future dreams and goals.

The best thing would be to find a way to love your time being alone by doing things which you would enjoy, such as reading books, taking some relaxing baths, as well as well as crafts or enjoy some other hobbies.

It will be a good time to be still, to meditate, as well as to prepare yourself for a new chapter in your journey towards spring season.

While you take your time alone, your soul is going to start giving you a new direction, as well as show you some signs for what that new beginning is going to be like.

3. Learn to stay still.

Laozi, aka Lao Tzu, who is a Daoist philosopher, said:

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

This is a quote to remind you to slow down during this cold season, even be entirely still. There are certain times in your life when you will need to act fast and go forth with your projects, plans, and ideas. Then, there is also going to be a time to sit down and wait patiently.

Winter will definitely teach you to wait. However, don’t feel that you are not doing anything while waiting. In the stillness, you are going to find some parts of you which you were not giving too much attention to, usually the ones which need some healing.

4. Acknowledge some dark emotions.

Winter also has a way of making you grow in its way. Such growth is internal, and most of it occurs by acknowledging negative emotions, if you have some, and then letting them be. Not fighting against them, as well as not repressing them, but noticing their existence and also sending love to them.

Because winter is the shadow side of nature, you may also notice your shadow and thank it for the light which unfolds from it. Just like some old photographs which were developed in the dark, a lot of your best growth, as well as the brightest light shines from the darker place of your soul. It is also the contrast which the planet and duality provide to learn about existence.

5. Focus on your home.

While you heal and you take time for yourself, another important task you can focus on during the winter would be your home. Enjoy the alone time, and while you do that, you may see that you want to spice up your place in order to make it a true sanctuary.

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