Our Physical Stages Of Development in Relation With The 7 Chakras

Our Physical Stages Of Development in Relation With The 7 Chakras

In our bodies, every one of us has seven chakras, running up from the base of the spike all the way up to the crown of the head, which can and do affect our physical reality.

The word chakra is the Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’ or ‘circle’ as the chakras are, in fact, energy centers, so when they are balanced, they spine and allow energy to flow up the spine, or the Kundalini. Sometimes, chakras can become overactive, imbalanced or even blocked, which can affect us physically, as well as emotionally.

However, every person has the ability to balance the chakra on his or her own, and that can be accomplished in several ways, such as using yoga and meditation, crystals and gemstones, sound and energy healing, being in a high vibration environment, as well as taking deep introspection with their emotions.

When these seven chakras are balanced finally, the person will feel emotionally and mentally at his or her best, and they will have their physical bodies vibrant and vital. 

For example, every seven years, we have one dominant chakra for that cycle. So, the first seven years of our lives are related to the root chakra, the following seven years related to the sacral chakra, and so on. Within each of these cycles of seven years, we also ascend the seven chakra ladder, which influences us year by year. Therefore, the first year of every seven-year cycle will start with the first chakra, causing us to experience more fear, uncertainty, as well as a need for security, and then the last year of the seven-year cycle will relate to the crown chakra, in that way causing us to finish the cycle with a better advanced spiritual outlook.

Our physical age relation to each of the chakras within our body.

1-year-old (root-root) – The root chakra is related to our security, being grounded, as well as family. Some primal instincts, thoughts, as well as actions, are also associated with the root chakra. In fact, in our first year in this lifetime, we are entering into the root chakra. This is a period which represents the first time we have ever experienced this lifetime, being kids, and getting to know this planet, so it is mostly about fear, as well as developing our grounding feelings.

2 years old (root-sacral) – When we are two, we are still in the cycle of the root chakra, but we are somehow mature enough in order to start developing our feelings, and emotions through our sacral chakra, as this year is related to the sacral chakra. Also, the sacral chakra is about creativity, sexuality, as well as emotions, and we develop a strong attachment to the ones that we love at this age, and we also start developing some preferences like likes and dislikes.

3 years old (root-solar plexus) – At this age, being within the cycle of the root chakra, we relate ourselves to the solar plexus chakra. This is the chakra which relates to our sense of self, and our presence, as well as an understanding of who we are in relation to other people, as we start observing the world.

4 years old (root-heart) – At this age, being still in the root chakra cycle, we also enter in the heart chakra. This chakra actually represents the connection and love we have within us to ourselves or other people too. When the chakra is imbalanced, it will make us feel afraid of love, but when it is balanced, it causes our love, as well as connections to shine. At this age, we also learn our connection to the Earth and becoming even familiar with it.

5 years old (root-throat) – By this age, still being in the cycle of the root chakra, but we are also in the throat one. The throat chakra is about communication and self-expression, or about developing a healthy balance of learning, speaking and listening. Children at this age start school and start articulating their words better.

6 years old (root-third eye) – At this age, despite being in the root chakra, we are also in the third eye chakra. This one is about the pineal gland, intuition, as well as learning to think critically. At this age, we also start thinking more for ourselves, and we develop our communication skills, knowledge or thoughts.

7 years old (root-crown) – At the age of seven, we are actually in the final stage of the root cycle, also being in the crown chakra. This chakra connects our sense of spirituality to the rest of this world, and it also ties our individual consciousness to the one of the Universe. It is at this age that children start developing a greater curiosity for the world that surrounds them, especially the unknown and the mysteriousness of the universe.

Here are also the seven-year cycles, in relation to the chakra stages of development:

Ages 8-14: Sacral chakra

In this cycle, we enter in the sacral chakra, which is all about creativity, feeling and expressing our emotions freely, as well as about sexual energy. During this stage, we start experiencing sexuality for the first time, and we often develop our first crushes and puppy loves.

Within this period, young women will get their periods too, and both males and females will start developing some better understanding of their sexuality and what reproduction means. Also, this is the period when children will experience their first relationships and even gain a better understanding of what the opposite sex represents.

Ages 15-21: Solar Plexus Chakra

This is a life cycle which is ruled by the solar plexus chakra that represents our self of sense, as well as our understanding of the person we really are as people and souls. A lot of children will experience teenage angst, and they will also become more selfish and introspective, as they develop their individual sense of who they really are.

During this ages, we will also start to look objectively at who we are in relation to other people, as well as how their individual personalities affect their perspectives or relations. People most often develop some strong dreams and hopes at this time, as they gain some better understanding of what they really want and what is their purpose.

Ages 22-28: Heart Chakra

This is the time of entering the heart chakra which is governed by a love for ourselves, as well as for other people. During this time, a lot of people meet their lifetime partners, particularly as society puts pressure on people to get marries.

Also, it is the time for developing a greater love for ourselves; then we have the ability to infuse our relationships with some more profound affection, as well as appreciate ourselves more, in general. Most of the people also start to think about how they want to make their way in this world, as they have developed a stronger appreciation for the planet and the people living on it, as our hearts start opening.

Ages 29-35: Throat Chakra

This is the time for developing our communication skills, as well as our ability to express ourselves better. It is during this stage of development that a lot of people really find their voice, feel more comfortable with themselves and open themselves freely. Also, a lot of them find the purpose of their life during this time and start refining it.

Ages 36-42: Third Eye Chakra

During this cycle, the main theme is wisdom, intuition, as well as synthesizing information. A lot of people will have epiphanies or will be able to understand better the knowledge which they gained from their life, and how to use it in an effective way. Some of them will also solidify and fall into their system of beliefs, permitting those beliefs to govern them during the third eye chakra cycle.

Ages 43-49: Crown Chakra

This last cycle which is related to the crown chakra is actually related to the collective consciousness, spiritual awakenings, as well as spiritual relation to creation. It is during this period that a lot of people will start fearing of death, or the unknown, signifying they have a block in their crown chakra.

This is a stage of their life which can also pick their interests in spirituality and the interconnectedness of the world, and a lot of them will develop a greater thirst for knowledge, as well as spiritual understanding.

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